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    Traffic Calming

    Traffic Calming is the combination of mainly physical measures, which reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behavior and improve conditions for pedestrians or bicyclists. Traffic calming may be a component of a neighborhood traffic plan. 


    Ensure the development of a safe, efficient and integrated transportation system in the City of Miami Beach that promotes neighborhood livability using adequate technical planning and traffic engineering practices. 


    The main objectives of traffic calming include:

    • Restoration of communities divided by speeding traffic
    • Discouragement of the use of unsuitable routes by heavy vehicles and cut-through traffic
    • Improvement of the environmental quality of streets
    • Improvement of highway safety and reduction of accidents
    • Improvement in safety and convenience specifically for vulnerable road users, as bicycles and pedestrians
    • Changes to the attitude of many drivers towards speed and a tangible demonstration that streets are for people as well as traffic
    • Reduction in noise and disturbance.        

    The City of Miami Beach through the Department of Public Works, Transportation Division is in the process of developing a Traffic Calming Manual to address traffic concerns in the local and residential streets in order to preserve and maintain the particular characteristics of our neighborhoods. 

    The growth of Miami Beach and coastal neighbors has increased the traffic using the local network impacting the local/residential streets. Speeding and cut through traffic often occur through residential neighborhoods affecting livability and safety. The Traffic Calming Manual has been conceived as a tool to address these issues. 

    As a guideline to implement Traffic Calming Measures, the Traffic Calming Manual will provide the process and procedures to study a problematic street and/or area within the City of Miami Beach boundaries.

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