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    16th Street Safety and Operational Improvements Project:

    The 16th Street Project was adopted under the Miami Beach Municipal Mobility Plan (MMP Project #33) to provide operational safety improvements and quality of life enhancements to the 16th Street corridor.  The 16th Street project conceptual plans are intended to include streetscape and drainage improvements as well as accepted traffic calming systems such as bicycle lanes aimed at improving the quality of life and enhancing mobility safety. 

    The streetscape improvements conceptual plan envisions the creation of wider sidewalks with shade and accepted traffic calming devices such as bicycle lanes along the corridor.  Landscape and street furniture are also proposed as part of the streetscape improvements. In addition, drainage improvements are required to update the stormwater collection system. Presently, standing water along the corridor impedes normal pedestrian and vehicle flow; and the deterioration of curb and gutters has led to irregular gutter slopes. Updating the drainage system is a priority for this project. 

    The goals for the conceptual design of the corridor have been identified as follows: 

    • Introduction of Traffic Calming Elements and enhancement of pedestrian safety, such as bulb outs and bike lanes, aimed at reducing pedestrian crossing distance at intersections, producing a calming effect along the corridor, improving sight distance at intersections, and reducing speeds along the corridor.
    • Introduction of Landscaping Elements, such as shade trees, to provide a suitable environment for human interaction and at the same time, provide the same identity to the corridor consistent with the adopted EDAW design for the remainder of the Flamingo neighborhood.
    • Introduction of Bicycle Lanes on both sides of the corridor, between Bay Road Washington Avenue, and bike routes on both sides between Washington Avenue and Collins Avenue, to establish an important connection in the Atlantic Greenway Network (AGN) Bicycle Master Plan, as adopted by the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Bikeways Committee, improving mobility, as well as providing a traffic calming effect to the neighborhood. 

    Other conceptual design elements are considered part of the design process, such as sidewalks, plazas and parking, landscape lighting, signage, site furniture, etc. 

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