Date Established as Sister City: October 9, 1996

    City Site: http://www.visitperu.com/ica.htm


    Ica is a pleasant colonial town with a population of approximately (2005) 665,600. It lies about 189 miles south of Lima, the country’s capital, with a climate that is dry and sunny. The region is well known for its impressive coastal wildlife reserves, its wineries and museums.

    Ica is known as an area of sand, sea, oases and valleys. Much of Ica is sandy desert, but its river valleys are fertile, supporting the cultivation of cotton, maize, and vines. Wine is produced here in great quantity; and distilling is a major occupation.

    The city of Ica, founded in 1563 by Luis Jerònimo de Cabrera, still features superb colonial constructions such as the Cathedral and centuries-old mansions.

    Ica celebrates three major events: the Wine Festival (Ica is home to many vineyards which produce excellent wines and pisco) and the festivals of the Señor de Luren and the Virgen del Carmen of Chincha. This is a good time to try typical Ica dishes and sweets, as well as to visit the town of Cachiche, famous for its folk healers said to be able to cure all kinds of ills.

    The famous local colourless brandy known as pisco takes its name from the large port of Pisco in the north of Ica.

    There are several summer resorts nearby.

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