Date Established as Sister City: February 21, 1979

    City Site: http://www.santamarta-magdalena.gov.co/index.shtml


    It was founded in July 29, 1525 by the Spanish conqueror Rodrigo de Bastidas, which makes it the oldest remaining city in Colombia. Located between the Santa Marta Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, the city is a popular tourist destination due to its history, colonial architecture, beaches and nearby nature reserves.

    Temperatures in the city of Santa Marta range from 80 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level, but the Municipality of Santa Marta stretches up to the highest snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and each 100 meter of higher altitude means lower temperatures. Rainfall in this region varies from 12 to 975 mm per month.

    Tourism has its peak during December 15 to January 15 and another peak during the Easter week. The recently renovated downtown of Santa Marta with its blend of colonial and republican architecture attracts many visitors among them several cruise ships a week. Las Fiestas del Mar (The Festival of the Sea) is an annual celebration during the midyear vacation period. One of the main events in the festival is the jetski show organized by Santa Marta Esqui. There are beauty pageants, parades and parties in the city. The Festival's slogan is "Santa Marta, la magia de tenerlo todo" ("Santa Marta, the magic of having it all").

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