Date Established as Sister City: March 4, 1959

    City Site: http://www.city.fujisawa.kanagawa.jp/introduce/english/


    Fujisawa is located in the central part of the Kanagawa Prefecture. It faces Sagami Bay of the Pacific Ocean. Fujisawa’s rail and adequate road connections make it a very popular destination for day trippers from all over the Kanto region. Surfing and beach volleyball tournaments in summertime attract visitors, especially younger people, and they are also drawn to the seasonal bars and rest houses that are erected along the beach from Kugenuma Kaigan to Enoshima Kaigan.

    Fujisawa has two major firework displays in the summer, in late July and early August, usually sandwiched in between the similar festivals in Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, Kamakura, and Yokohama Enoshima island has many attractions, including a botanical gardens, which include Enoshima Lighthouse which is open to visitors and with a height of 119.6 meters above sea level affords an excellent view of the area and, on a clear day, Mount Fuji. There are also a number of famous Shinto shrines, some located in caves on the south side of the island.

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