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    State of Florida Incentives:


    Florida Entertainment Sales Tax Exemption

    Any qualified production company producing motion pictures, made for television motion pictures, television series, commercial advertising, music videos or sound recordings in Florida, may be eligible for a sales and use tax exemption on certain production related purchases in Florida.                              



    Miami Beach Incentives:

    • One (1) free Vehicle Beach Access Pass with each permitted day only after an off-duty officer has been reserved.
    • During the months of June through September, vehicle beach access passes (above and beyond the one free each day) shall be reduced by 50% to $75.00 (per vehicle/per day).
    • Miami Beach Hotel Room Night Incentive: Productions which demonstrate no less than:

    -50 Miami Beach hotel room nights receive 5 Vehicle Beach Access Passes for free.

                -100 Miami Beach hotel room nights receive 10 free passes

    -200 Miami Beach hotel room nights receive 20 free passes

    Any additional passes are $75 each.  Any production or picture vehicle that enters the beach must have a pass a police escort.  Cost for off-duty police is not waived.  To receive this incentive productions must make a formal request on their company's letterhead and submit a room manifest (names can be redacted) as proof of purchase.

    • Free base camp parking in the P-lot across from the Miami Beach Convention Center when the lot is not manned for show days, load-in or load-out.
    • Reduced cost P-lot parking when available during manned days.
    • Reduced cost parking at limited City lots and garages (call for specifics).
    • Waiver of all administrative fees related to the hiring of police off-duty officers for permitted Film and Print productions.
    • Waiver of all generator, tent and building permits for production purpose use only per South Florida Building Code.

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