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    Office of Film & Event Production Management

    The Special Events office provides assistance in the coordination of events on public property such as events on the beach, a street, a park and in other properties requiring special zoning exemptions (i.e. hotel pool deck and roof top events) by assisting producers with guidelines and permit requirements and serving as liaison with local and regional city services and neighborhood associations.

    PERMIT DEADLINES: The City requires 60 days for public use and 30 days for private use.


    • Submit your permit request at  www.eventsmiamibeach.com
    • A $250.00 application fee payable to the City of Miami Beach
    • A site plan to scale with area features

    The Special Events process is a review and approval process. You must submit and obtain several approval in order to receive final approval on your permit request.  The process includes Neighborhood Review, Business or Residents Sign-offs, Fire approval on master site plan, Building Permits, Public Works permits, Staffing of City Services such as Police, Fire, Parking, Parks, Ocean Rescue, among others items which will be instructed by the Special Events Office.



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