• Going Green Above and Beyond 
    Recycling for Condos and Apartments (Eight units or more)
    Now, every resident in Miami Beach can recycle. If you live in an apartment or condo with more than eight units, your contracted building waste hauler is required by City Code to provide a recycling service to your building by April 1, 2009.*
    Recycling reduces the total amount of solid waste that any building generates and can save you money, too. Miami Beach City Code requires that each waste hauler identify savings in solid waste disposal costs of recycling and pass it on to your building.
    Contracting for Recycling Services
    Negotiation of actual contract terms for recycling services is between your building owner and the contracted waste hauler. The recycling offered to buildings must be in a manner that is a specific fit for each building, since not all buildings have the same space or access available. When a waste hauler submits a recycling proposal to a building, it will need to specify the cost, the nature of the service to be provided, and most importantly, the cost savings. 
    Building owners do not have to accept their waste hauler’s offer to perform recycling and can find other licensed providers for the service.  Once an offer has been made to a building, the contracted waste hauler’s obligation under the City Code is fulfilled.
    However, if the offer is not accepted by a building (by the owner or the association), the City must be notified by the waste hauler that recycling services are not being provided to the building.
    Appeal Process
    In the event that a recycling offer is deemed unfair, building owners can file a written appeal to the Miami Beach City Manager’s Office within 30 days of receiving the recycling service offer by stating the basis for the appeal.  A ruling is made by the City Manager after a hearing process.
    WasteFull Weekends
    As an added recycling option to you, single-stream recycling services is now available during WasteFull Weekends at the North Beach location. Single-stream recycling allows all recyclable materials to be placed in one container (no more separating bottles, cans and newspapers). WasteFull Weekend recycling (including electronics) is available on the first weekend of every month at the 75 Street and Dickens Avenue dumpster location. WasteFull Weekends also accepts bulk trash at its two dumpster locations: 6 Street and Meridian Avenue (South Beach) and 75 Street and Dickens Avenue (North Beach).
    For more information on recycling, contact your individual waste hauler or the Miami Beach Public Works Department, Sanitation Division, 305.673.7616, or Miami-Dade County Division of Solid Waste at 3-1-1.

    Let’s keep Miami Beach clean and “green”!

    * Apartments and condos with eight units or less are serviced through the County’s curbside single-stream recycling program.

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