• SMILEIt was the first time I ever used public transportation here in Miami. I was confused and did not understand the map I was being referred to. A few people were waiting nearby, but everyone looked unapproachable. After trying one more time to understand the map, I made eye contact with a woman who was walking up and showed her a smile. Her expression loosened right away and she smiled back, thus helping me get to where I was going.
       Gus – Local Miami Beach artist
    • I was visiting Miami Beach during Art Basel. There were a lot of people and a need for crowd control. Since it was my first time in Miami Beach, I was unsure about the streets and a security guard was aggressively rushing people along. When I hesitated for a moment, the same guard proceeded to bark and scream at me to get out of the way. I retreated quickly, feeling startled and disoriented. A kind man saw the entire incident and warmly smiled at me, apologizing for the rudeness. He took the time to listen and got me going in the right direction.
       Jessica – Miami Beach Tourist
    • One day while walking on Lincoln Road, I stopped to buy a couple of bags of candy to give to my children.  I had an extra bag that no one wanted so I decided to give it away.  There was a man nearby looking rather distraught and lonely.  So I told my daughter to give him the extra bag whereby he readily accepted.  Tears welled up in his eyes as he beamed a smile of total gratitude.  It turns out that he had just lost his wife and was very lonely.  As he walked away with a smile, a tear rolled down my cheek.
       Barbara – Miami Beach resident


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