•    Recycling Ordinance


    In June 2012, the City Commission adopted a new ordinance that mandates that multi-family residences and commercial establishments implement a single-stream recycling program by July 1, 2014.  Since July 2012, the City has been conducting extensive outreach and education to inform residents, property owners and businesses of these new requirements.  The City has also been issuing notices to properties found not to be in compliance with the City of Miami Beach’s Code. 

    Additional costs associated with adding recycling service can often be offset by reducing the size of your solid waste container and/or the frequency of solid waste service. Please contact your licensed waste hauler or a licensed recycling provider to set up a single-stream recycling program that meets the needs of your property.

    The goal of this new ordinance is to increase the percentage of waste diverted from the landfill. The City is committed to improving the overall health of the environment and the community’s sustainability.  Through promoting green initiatives, such as recycling, the City will continue to prosper as a world-class city to live, work and play.

    City of Miami Beach Recycling Ordinance

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