1.    Middle Beach Recreational Corridor (MBRC) Project


    The City of Miami Beach has retained Calvin, Giordano and Associates to design and permit an on-grade, ADA-accessible pathway to support the use of bicycles, walking, and other non-motorized means of transportation. The Middle Beach Recreational Corridor (MBRC) is part of the greater Atlantic Greenway Network (AGN), which is a system of bicycle facilities throughout the City.  The MBRC is a part of the coastal link and a north/south connector in the AGN.


    The MBRC will consist of an on-grade pedestrian pathway connecting 46th Street to Allison Park at 64th Street.  The path will be constructed along the west side of the coastal dunes, east of the oceanfront properties.  The path will be permitted in accordance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) coastal construction regulations.  Non-native dune vegetation will be removed and replaced with dune enhancements such as native dune vegetation and beach compatible dune fill.  Path lighting will meet Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s marine turtle nesting requirements.

    The project will connect business districts, cultural/tourism centers, parks, residential neighborhoods and the beaches. In addition, the project will greatly enhance the connectivity of the other beachwalk projects that have already been constructed, namely Beachwalk I (14th Street to 23rd Street) and the North Beach Recreational Corridor (NBRC, 64th Street to 79th Street). The MBRC will provide the critical link extending the existing beachwalk to eventually connect the North Beach and South Beach beachwalk systems.  The construction of the MBRC will complete a major portion of the essential north-south connector of the AGN and further facilitate pedestrian and non-motorized transportation throughout the City.

    Design and permitting is anticipated to be completed in summer 2015. Construction is projected to start in winter 2015. The City is looking to phase the construction of this corridor in three sequential phases.  Phase I will create the pathway from 47th Street to 53rd Street.  Phase II will construct the segment from 53rd Street to 58th Street, and Phase III will build the portion from 58th Street to 64th Street.

    Click here to view a Map of the project area

    Click here to view a Presentation regarding the project 

    2.    US Army Corps of Engineer Beach Renourishment Project

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in coordination with Miami-Dade County, placed sand on three areas of Miami Beach using two separate sources of material. Work for the project was conducted in two phases to avoid impacts to major special events, South Beach hotels and beach-goers during the peak of the South Florida tourism season.

    Phase I (North Beach - 63 Street to 69 Street Beach)

    This phase of the project utilized the last available offshore borrow site in Miami-Dade County located approximately 11 nautical miles south-south west of the project area. A dredge located offshore pumped an estimated 250,000 cubic yards of sand to a diverter that was located around 69th Street and which directed sand north and south for distribution and grading to the approved slope. The dredging operations began in February 2012 and were completed in April 2012.

    Phase II (South Beach & Middle Beach)

    The second phase of the project utilized a sand back-passing method to bring approximately 107,000 cy sand from an accreted portion of the beach between 10 Street and 18 Street to the highly eroded areas in the vicinity of 27 Street (50,000 cy) and 44 Street (57,000 cy). Construction for this phase began in May 2012 and was completed in October 2012.


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