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    The Urban Forestry Division manages the citywide urban forest and oversees the Commemorative Tree Program and the Tree Preservation Program which enforces Chapter 46 Article II Division 2 of the City of Miami Beach Municipal Code.

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    Commemorative Tree 2  

    Commemorative Tree Program - Provides a unique way for residents and visitors to commemorate a special event, memory, or loved one. Through this program, participants can donate a tree that will contribute to the enhancement of the City’s urban forest. Through this program, participants will be helping the City increase the overall canopy coverage, improve species diversity and increase the total number of canopy trees planted citywide. All donated Commemorative trees shall be entered into the City's OpenTreeMap GIS database, which will show the final tree location(s) along with a breakdown of the environmental benefits provided including energy conserved, stormwater filtered, air quality improved, carbon dioxide removed and carbon dioxide stored to date. Commemorative Tree Request Form NEW!!

    Tree Preservation Program  

    • Tree Removal and Relocation - A Tree Work Permit is required for the removal or relocation of trees, except for trees determined to be exempt per City code. In order to remove or relocate trees, the removal must be justified, and either relocation or replacement of trees must take place.
    • Pruning - Improper pruning of trees and palms, such as "hat racking", "topping", "stub cutting" or "excessive lifting" is prohibited. Corrective actions such as tree removal and replacement, or corrective structural pruning are required for improperly pruned trees. Please refer to the following brochures which include additional information about proper pruning of trees: Pruning Mature Trees, Pruning Young Trees , Restoration Pruning.
    • Tree Protection From Construction - Certain steps are required to ensure that trees are not damaged during construction activities. These include installation and maintenance of highly visible tree protection barriers and conducting onsite pre-construction meetings to go over tree protection related issues. Please refer to the following brochure for additional information on protecting trees during construction: Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction.
    • City of Miami Beach Tree Preservation Trust Fund - Payment may be made in certain instances to the Fund in lieu of tree replacement requirements. The Fund is used to obtain trees, landscaping, irrigation systems, and any other items or materials necessary and proper for the preservation, maintenance, relocation or restoration of trees and the urban forest on any publicly owned land or publicly accessible parcels in Miami Beach. These funds may also be expended for the Adopt-a-Tree Program, or similar program approved by the City Commission.

    Other Activities of the Urban Forestry Division

    • Arbor Day Hosting
    • Community Urban Forest Outreach/Workshops
    • Exempt Tree Removal Projects (Exotic/Nuisance/Invasive)
    • Expert Assessment of Hazardous Trees
    • Staff Level Arboriculture Training
    • Tree City USA Certification Oversight and Tree City USA Designation Since 2005
    • Tree GIS Inventory Management
    • Tree Hazard Mitigation Actions
    • Tree Giveaway Programs 

    Contact Information:

    Urban Forestry Division

    1700 Convention Center Drive

    Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Ph: 305.673.7722

    Omar Leon, Urban Forester

    Urban Forestry Email



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