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    The Public Works Department is a large, full service organization providing planning, design, construction, maintenance and repair, and operation of City infrastructure, including utility systems and right of ways. The Department is also responsible for the City's cleanliness, and manages the solid waste collection and disposal program. The Department is represented by a multitude of professional, semi-professional and licensed disciplines working in Administration, Engineering, Water Distribution, Sewer Collection, Stormwater Management, Streets and Street Lighting and Sanitation Divisions. The Public Works Department was designated as an Accredited Public Works Agency by the Greenspace Management American Public works Agency in May 2007 and re-accredited in June 2011. The American Public Works Association notes that such accreditation provides formal recognition of acceptance by the Public Works Department of concepts of continuous improvement and official verification of the department’s compliance with recommended policies, procedures and practices established in the Public Works Management Practices Manual. More

    Mission Statement

    “ We are dedicated to providing effective and efficient public works services and maintaining the City infrastructure to ensure the safety, health and well being of all who live, work, and play in our vibrant, tropical, historic community.  “

    To learn more view our WORKPLAN 


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