• Volunteer Program

    The City of Miami Beach will be the lead entity coordinating efforts to recruit volunteers to assist the city should there be any impacts of the oil spill on our beaches. However, no volunteers will be used for any oil clean-up.

    There has been an overwhelming response from groups and individuals that want to help. However, the impacts, if any, from the oil spill are still unknown.

    In the event it is necessary, the City will coordinate all local volunteer efforts regarding our beaches, in partnership with Miami-Dade County and other local groups.

    Please know that the complex nature of this incident, coupled with health and safety concerns, limits the roles of volunteers to non-hazardous activities. Volunteers will not be engaged in any activity that puts them in direct contact with oil or oil-contaminated materials or oiled wildlife. These will only be handled by trained responders.

    However, volunteers would still be needed for any pre-event shore clean-ups (if needed), and to assist with any post-event identification of impacted areas (if it occurs).

    To register, 
    click here.


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