When shopping for a burglary alarm system, use this guideline to check out the System you are considering as well as the dealer.

    1. Is the company a local business?  If so, how long have they been in business in your area?
    2. Is the company a member of any local business organization?
    3. Check with the local Consumer Affairs Office or Better Business Bureau to see is there are any problems with this company.
    4. What is the alarm background of the company's installation personnel?
    5. Does the company offer 24-hour service in case of false alarms?
    6. Will the company work with you in getting reduced insurance premiums if you install one of their systems
    7. Is there a warranty or maintenance contract for the system?
    8. Is the system electrically or battery operated?  If electrically operated, does it switch automatically to battery power without activating the alarm in the event of a power failure?
    9. If the alarm system is activated, will it automatically shut off after a reasonable alert period (10 - 15 minutes)?
    10. After the system is activated, will it automatically reset if attacked again?
    11. If the control switch or box is exposed, will it activate the alert if attacked?
    12. If it is a hardwire system (wires connecting to sensor to control to alert), are the wire protected from attack and unnecessary wear by the elements?
    13. It is a local system (audible to the immediate area), does it ring loud enough to attract the attention of your neighbors?
    14. If the system is for commercial premise, will the company have someone respond to the location in order to assist the police by opening the building?
    15. Does the system have time delay, if appropriate, to activate and deactivate the alarm system without setting off the alert?
    16. If the system is monitored by a central station, it is a tape recording or person? (In some municipalities, the call for assistance to the police cannot be made by a taped message.)
    17. Is the system Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (U.L.) approved?

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