If an evacuation order was issued, everyone should have evacuated. Sheltering at home in Miami Beach can be extremely dangerous and should only be used as a last resort. However, if you were not able to leave before the onset of storm conditions -- notify family and friends of your situation.

    Safe Room
    If you have not evacuated prior to the arrival of Tropical Storm conditions, you must shelter in place. In a high-rise building, you want to shelter in the lower levels, but not on the first three levels. Hurricane winds increase at higher levels. Stay in an interior room or hallway away from windows and doors. Take your immediate emergency supplies with you that should include, at minimum, a battery-powered radio, flashlight, important papers in a zipped-up plastic bag, and cellphone.

    Emergency CallsThe City of Miami Beach’s Fire, Rescue and Police stop all emergency operations at the arrival of Tropical Storm force (40 mph+) winds. Following a hurricane, emergency calls may be very limited due to flooding, downed power lines, and limited street access and personnel. 

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