•                                   PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT

                                               1700 Convention Center Drive, 3rd Floor
                                                          Miami Beach, FL 33139
                                                                (305) 673-7490


     Alex Denis
    Procurement Director
    Maria Estevez
    Procurement Assistant Director



    Construction & Infrastructure                     Team

    Goods and Services Team

    Yusbel Gonzalez
    Senior Procurement Specialist
    Email: YusbelGonzalez@miamibeachfl.gov
    Phone: (305) 673-7000 Ext. 6230 

    Lourdes Rodriguez
    Senior Procurement Specialist
    Email: LRodriguez@miamibeachfl.gov
    Phone: (305) 673-7000 Ext. 6652

    Joe Rodriguez
    Procurement Coordinator
    Email: JoeRodriguez@miamibeachfl.gov
    Phone: (305) 673-7000 Ext. 6263

    William Garviso
    Procurement Coordinator
    Email:  WilliamGarviso@miamibeachfl.gov
    Phone: (305) 673-7000 Ext. 6650 

    Martha Torres
    Procurement Coordinator
    Email:   MarthaTorres@miamibeachfl.gov
    Phone: (305) 673-7000 Ext. 6858
    Aneta Kamyczek
    Procurement Coordinator
    Email:   AnetaKamyczek@miamibeachfl.gov
    Phone: (305) 673-7000 Ext. 6455
    Administrative & Contracting 
    Support Staff

    Miriam Aguero
    Administrative Manager
    Email: MiriamAguero@miamibeachfl.gov
    Phone: (305) 673-7000 Ext. 6635 

    Marcelo Cam
    Procurement Coordinator Email:   MarceloCam@miamibeachfl.gov
    Phone: (305) 673-7490
    Yolanda Cintado-Seiglie
    Contracting Officer I
    Email: YolandaCintado-Seiglie@miamibeachfl.gov
    Phone: (305) 673-7000 Ext. 6371 

    Sharon Madrigal
    Contracting Officer I
    Email:   SharonMadrigal@miamibeachfl.gov
    Phone: (305) 673-7490


    Raquel Aieta
    Contract Compliance Administrator
    Email: RaquelAieta@miamibeachfl.gov 
    Phone: (305) 673-7000 Ext. 6266




    NOTICE: Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records.
    If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to the City of Miami Beach.


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