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  • Existing Inspections


GENRL-S01      Authority Having Jurisdiction
GENRL-S02   One or Two Family Dwellings
EXINSP-S01   Portable Fire Extinguishers
EXINSP-S02   Overcrowding (DRAFT)
EXINSP-S03   Tampering with Fire Safety Equipment
EXINSP-S04   False Fire Alarms (DRAFT)
EXINSP-S05   Backflow Preventer Testing
EXINSP-S06   Exhibition or Trade Shows
EXINSP-S07   Storage over Doors
EXINSP-S08   Balcony Guardrails
EXINSP-S09   Christmas Trees
EXINSP-S10   Locking Devices
EXINSP-S11   Outdoor Heaters
EXINSP-S12   Pyrotechnics in Assembly Occupancies
EXINSP-S13   Transient Lodging Facilities - Sprinkler System
EXINSP-S14   Backflow Preventor Testing
EXINSP-S15   Fire Alarm - Exemptions
EXINSP-S16   Open Guards
EXINSP-S17   Scooter Rentals
EXINSP-S18   Egress Corridors
EXINSP-S19   HIgh-Rise Building Sprinkler System
EXINSP-S20   Security Systems


  • New Construction


NEWC-S01       Fire Alarm System Strobes
NEWC-S02   Sprinkler Protection in Balconies
NEWC-S03   Sprinkler - Not Required
NEWC-S04   Standpipe - Pressure Reducing Devices
NEWC-S05   Fire Alarm - Balconies
NEWC-S06   Portable Fire Extinguishers
NEWC-S07   Accessibility Code Conflict
NEWC-S08   Apartments - Two Exits
NEWC-S09   Handrails and Guardrails
NEWC-S10   Lessons Learned - Driveways
NEWC-S11   Balcony in Dwelling Units
NEWC-S12   Roof Top Terrace
NEWC-S13   Fire Alarm System Central Station
NEWC-S14   Fire Alarm System Upgrades
NEWC-S15   Interior Finish
NEWC-S16   FF & E
NEWC-S17   Noise Ordinance - Fire Alarm Testing
NEWC-S18   Backflow Preventer Testing
NEWC-S19   Concealed Life Safety Equipment
NEWC-S20   Carbon Monoxide Detectors
NEWC-S21   Electric Fire Pumps