Association Name: Mid Beach Neighborhood Association (MBNA)
Area: All properties along Indian Creek Drive and Collins Avenue between 24th and 63rd streets
Contact: Anamarie Ferreira de Melo- President
Deborah Lake - Vice President
Michael Gongora - Secretary

Board Members:
Jorge I. Acosta
Melinda Pearce
Charlotte Tomic
Eda Valero-Figueira 

Alicia Casanova - Ex-Oficio Member

Phone Number: 


Membership Requirements: Membership Dues: $50; check made out to MidBeach Neighborhood Association
Meeting Schedule/Calendar: April 5, May 11, June 7, September 6, Oct. 18, Nov 1, Dec 6. 
Meeting Location: Blue Diamond Condominium, Sapphire Room, Complimentary Valet, 4779 Collins Avenue. 
Mission of Association:

The general purpose of the Association is to promote and improve the quality of life, common good and general welfare of residents within the Defined Area. Matters of interest include, but are not limited to, development, zoning and land use, beautification, traffic and traffic control, crime prevention, noise and other issues of common interest or concern.  

Summary of Accomplishments:

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