I recently received an e-mail from a mid-beach resident complimenting one of our attorneys for helping him resolve an issue with the building department. He stated that the attorney:

“fully understood the situation, offered advice to me, and was central to its satisfactory resolution.  She represents the city very  well, and I consider it my good fortune to have come to her office for help. My highest compliments.”

I responded to him by saying that “customer service” is very important and that during these difficult economics times when public servants are being unfairly tarnished his comments were quite refreshing.

While many residents celebrated Halloween, and others took advantage of the wonderful weather to play or go to the beach, three of our attorneys, along with my Legal Administrator and Paralegal, prepared for a Monday trial in Federal Court. It is not unusual for members of my staff to work on weekends.

Our attorneys also (on their time) provide free legal services to the poor, teach at our local colleges and help local charities and community organizations.  We are part of the City’s Leadership Academy.

I make it a practice on weekends to walk around different sections of the city. I do it in order to get a pulse for the community and familiarize myself with the issues that are important to our residents.  This makes me a better lawyer and a better public servant.  I do it with pleasure. 

 Please feel free to call or write me if my office can be of service to you.