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Inspection upon completion of work

All vertical conveyances must pass an inspection prior to public use. The inspection must be conducted by a certified elevator inspector not associated with or employed by the registered elevator company or the elevator owner. The elevator company installing the elevator is responsible for tests, inspections and correction of any violations until a Certificate of Operation is issued by the Elevator Safety Division.

To request an Inspection

Verify that the Pre-Inspection Checklist is complete before requesting the inspection. Complete the Elevator Installation Affidavit and Request for Inspection form and submit in person or via e-mail to:

Jaqueline Beltran, Permit Clerk II

Raquel Jose, Permit Clerk I

Private Inspection Process

An inspection can now be requested by using the Private Inspector Process as shown in the Elevator Private Inspector Process flowchart.  Registration of the Private Inspector is required prior to conducting any inspections and an inspection package must be picked up from the City of Miami Beach Elevator Safety Division for each elevator to be inspected. The inspection package will contain all items listed on the Elevator Private Inspector Checklist.