Economic Development DepartmentWe are dedicated to enhancing the City’s economy and business environment by attracting business and investment to the community, balancing private sector needs with neighborhood quality of life issues, maximizing the efficient use of City properties, implementing the objectives of the Redevelopment Plan, and pursuing the City’s state and federal legislative objectives. 

Economic Development Overview

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Economic Development Division 

The primary functions of the Economic Development Division are business assistance, attracting and supporting private capital investment, market research, and legislative affairs. The Division works with businesses and organizations in order to enhance the City’s business environment and to promote the overall image of the City’s commercial districts; identifies and implements strategies and programs to expand, develop, recruit and retain businesses; conducts research in order to provide as much economic information as possible to existing and potential investors; applies private sector standards for responsiveness and customer satisfaction in order to encourage investment; works with the State and Federal governments to further the City’s interests; and balances private sector needs with neighborhood quality of life issues.

Redevelopment Agency 

The Miami Beach Redevelopment Agency (RDA) was created in 1973 under the authority of Florida’s Community Redevelopment Act of 1969, which sought to encourage economic development in blighted areas. The Community Redevelopment Act of 1969 allows for the designation of special districts known as Community Revitalization Areas (CRAs) and confers upon the CRA’s governing board special regulatory abilities. These abilities include issuing revenue bonds, utilizing tax increment financing (TIF), and exercising limited powers of eminent domain within the geographic boundaries of the CRA.

Asset Management

The Asset Management Division oversees City facilities and beachfront concessions.

  • City Facilities - maximize the use of City properties and facilities in order to address the City's workforce space needs and then addressing the needs of the community based organizations involved in cultural arts, education, workforce development, and senior and children programming in conjunction with a well developed City-property inventory system.
  • Beachfront Concessions - enhance the City's beachfront through the use of professional administration of beachfront concession programs and to ensure that positive limited amenities are provided for the enjoyment of the citizens, tourists, and community at large.