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GO Bonds Oversight Committee
Deede served on this committee from 2003-2006. She monitored budget and progress on all GO Bonds projects, reviewed and approved Basis of Design Reports, revamped reporting program of project status, and crafted the Renewal and Replacement Fund concept. Mayor Bower appointed Deede as the Commission representative on the GOB Oversight Committee in 2007. In 2008 Commissioner Weithorn spearheaded the sunsetting of the GOB Oversight Committee and the creation of the Capital Improvement Project Oversight Committee, which consists of individuals with a technical background better suited to analyzing and advising the city on all construction projects.

Budget Advisory Committee
Former city commissioner Susan Gottlieb thought is was important to have a woman on the city's Budget Advisory Committee, so in 1999 Deede was appointed to this committee and served as it's chairperson from 2003-2006.

During her tenure, this committee:
* Developed Fiscal Policy recommendations for fiscal stabilization of city capital reserves and revenue uses.
* Developed a five-year, long-term budget and budgeting process.
* Began monitoring expenses and trend lines to help ensure long-term fiscal strength and stability.
* Reviewed the annual city budgets.

City Committees
Deede has also served on the:
* Police Staffing Steering Committee, dates
* Health Insurance Task Force, dates