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For the last four years, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve and work alongside of the fine residents of this city.

During my tenure in office, I have strove to be the voice of fiscal responsibility.  As Chair of the Finance Committee, I have utilized my skills as a certified public accountant to keep this city on solid financial ground. Under my direction, the bond rating has increased, making money cheaper to borrow for the city. I have worked relentlessly to eliminate wasteful spending from our budget. However, I have been steadfast in my attempts to preserve necessary services that our city provides. It is my belief that we need to employ common sense and prudence in order to maintain a balanced budget while still providing for our citizens. It is this philosophy that has enabled the budget to be cut over the last several years. I have also used my experience to assist with union contracts. As a result, the city was able to obtain necessary concessions to ensure the financial stability of Miami Beach. I will continue to assist with similar issues to ensure our city thrives and its future remains bright. I will continue to look for fresh ideas on how to keep capital and investment money flowing into the city. I will work incessantly so our local businesses stay strong and our city continues to grow. I promise that as long as I am in office I will not stop fighting to keep our financial future secure.

As a long time resident of Miami Beach, I care deeply about this community. I am always looking for ways to improve our neighborhoods and I am always receptive to my fellow residents’ suggestions. We are fortunate to live in such a vibrant, beautiful city and I wish to keep it that way. In an effort to do so, I initiated a Claims Brochure to assist fellow residents with damages from City construction projects.  I also provided leadership to re-start the City’s Spay and Neuter Program for the Cat Network. It is important to me to foster the idea of community here in Miami Beach. I encourage unity and cohesiveness amongst all those that call this city home. In this vein, I sponsored senior programs at the Wolfsonian and North Beach Elementary School. I make a concerted effort to be involved in all facets of our community and support numerous local community groups who provide an invaluable services to Miami Beach. I daily look forward to working for and with all of you to uphold the City’s sterling reputation and keep Miami Beach an enjoyable location for both residents and tourists alike.

A primary goal of my first term was to make City Hall more accountable to you, the voters. It is imperative that you are represented correctly, and are able to stay informed on the work that we do. The only way to achieve this is by providing the greatest amount of transparency possible. I have fought to bring tangible change on this matter. I have chaired the Transparency, Reliability, and Accountability Committee where the sole purpose was to enforce new procedures that allowed for more oversight by the voters. We worked to make things such as budgets simpler, so all of you could have a better understanding of how money was being spent. I spearheaded the creation of the Capital Improvement Project Oversight Committee to add technical expertise to ensure a timely and cost-effective delivery of projects. I fought for adding performance standards, measureable results, and more transparent bidding in City contracts to enhance accountability. All of this I have done to make this a government of the people and to give you a greater voice in day to day affairs. It is my goal to create the most efficient government possible, as well as making it more accessible. I will continue to guarantee this government answers to you.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with and for all of you the past four years, and I look forward to more of the same in my second term.