The System Support Division team’s main goal is to serve the City’s departments with leading edge technology solutions, support and services so that in contrast, the City’s departments may offer the best quality of service to all of our local residents, businesses and visitors.

The Systems Support Division team provides enterprise wide support for personal computers, laptops and tablets that are currently on the City’s network. We also support servers and network printers, in addition to supporting network connectivity to numerous City buildings and the disaster recovery facility.

The Systems Support Division team monitors security from an enterprise perspective using a combination of automated and non-automated processes, in order to safeguard critical City data and public safety systems. The Support Services Division team institutes ITIL compliant policies and procedures; also, applying change control enhancements and upgrades on business best practices, in order to provide the City’s departments with the best customer service experience possible.

In addition, the Systems Support Division responsibilities also includes the areas of Data Wide Area Network Connectivity, Voice Communications, Facilities Wiring, Voice Response System, Automated Call Distribution, Call Accounting, Telephone Maintenance/Support, Voice Over IP (VOIP) Infrastructure, Wireless Services, Payphones, Mobile Cellular Service as well as citywide cellular phones/smartphones, VOIP locations, desk phones and pagers.