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The Office of the City Clerk serves as the Municipal Secretary of the City, the Official Secretary of the legislative body and the Supervisor of Elections for the City of Miami Beach. The Office of the City Clerk is also the corporate headquarters of the City, and serves as the depository for all corporate contracts and records.


2016 Office of the City Clerk team

Front row, from left to right: Ramon Quezada, Office Associate III; Lilia Cardillo, Agenda Coordinator; Isabel Satchell, Special Master Clerk - red light camera; Liliam R. Hatfield, Assistant City Clerk; Rafael E. Granado, City Clerk; and Patrick Camm, Records Management Specialist.
Back row, from left to right: Cynthia Neves, Special Master Clerk; Regis Barbou, Office Associate V; Fernanda Silva, Code Violation Clerk; Jason Salvatore, Office Associate III; and Lillian Beauchamp, Office Associate IV (not pictured).


Central Services 

From left to right: Nathaniel Frazier, central services technician; Keith Valles, central services technician; Donnovan Ireland, central services coordinator; Deowan "Chris" Mahadeo, central services technician. 

Primary duties include: 
√ Official Secretary to the City Commission and the Miami Beach Redevelopment Agency.

√ Conducts municipal elections with the assistance of the Miami-Dade County Department of Elections.

√ Monitors compliance of City, County and State regulations pertaining to elections.

√ Prepares the agenda for City Commission Meetings that includes staff reports, memoranda and other information necessary to enable the City Commission to make informed decisions on individual items.

√ Publishes notices of proposed and adopted ordinances.

√ Provides legal notices associated with the business being conducted at regular and Special City Commission Meetings.
√ Prints, records and indexes ordinances, charter amendments and resolutions.
√ Promptly corrects and reports scrivener's errors that are discovered in ordinances, resolutions and staff reports to the City Commission.

√ Processes the codification of the Miami Beach Municipal Code Book.

√ Ensures that lobbyists are properly registered with the Office of the City Clerk.

√ Issues weekly notices of board and committee meetings.

√ Issues notices of regular and Special City Meetings.

√ Acts as the custodian of public records of the City.

√ Processes public records request.

√ Provides information and referrals to City residents.

√ Drafts board appointment letters and miscellaneous paperwork related to City Boards.

√ Updates Board List as necessary.

√ Ensures that yearly Financial Disclosure Forms are completed.

√ Attests official City documents.

√ Oversees the Special Master Clerks.

√ Supervises the Central Services Division, which provides printing, copying, cutting and binding services to all City departments; and sorts and distributes incoming and outgoing mail (U.S. and Interoffice).

√ Performs such other duties as the Mayor and City Commission may prescribe from time to time.

√ The Department has been functionalized as follows: Office of the City Clerk, Special Masters Division and Central Services.

Mission Statement:
“We are dedicated to serving as the secretary and custodian of the City Seal, compiling official City Commission and Redevelopment Agency agendas and minutes, providing quality print, copy and mail services and serving as the facilitator in providing public records and information expeditiously to the City Commission, the public, City staff and other governmental agencies and all City Departments.”