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The Administrative Division has total responsibility of the financial and operational needs of the department. In addition, the City's Residential Permit Parking Program and special use permits are also administered by this division.  

Production Company Recreational Vehicle (PCRV)

Monthly parking permit honored at available metered parking and at taxi stands during non-operational hours for local and national productions and services companies.                                                                                

Link to Ordinance No. 2017-4103 


Parking Permits Information
Required Documents for Residential Parking Permits
Virtual Residential Parking Permit Application
Municipal Parking Lot Application/PCRV Permit Application
Citywide Hybrid Application

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 Click here to download Restricted Residential Zones Maps 

Scooter/Motorcycle Program: Bona fide residents that own a scooter/motorcycle are eligible for an annual citywide permit at a cost of $100.00. 

For monthly permits availability, please call 305.673.7505.

 ADA Parking

NEW!  Virtual Parking Permits / Online Access Card Payments