WHO NEEDS A PERMIT?  Film and Print permits are required for individuals or businesses wishing to conduct commercial film, television, video, photography and all other media use projects taking place on public property, at residential locations, when city services are required or when productions may have an impact on traffic/residents/city services.

 Citywide permits are the only permits that do not require an officer escort, with some exceptions at the discretion of the Office of Film and Print.  Miami Beach City-wide permits allow for small teams (typically twelve or less people in total) with minimal equipment (must be easily and quickly transported) to film on Miami Beach streets, sidewalks, City beaches and parks that do not require rental fees, assuming the production does not block pedestrian or vehicle traffic or impact private business or concessionaire without specific coordination. Equipment allowed includes camera, tripod, reflectors and battery operated lights. No generators or cabling allowed. No reserved or authorized parking permitted, including vehicles on beaches or parks. Miami Beach City-wide does not include use of residential areas, aerial or driving shots, which require additional coordination and permitting in the City of Miami Beach. 


For UAS requests, the following is needed for evaluation and consideration:  

• Pilot/ operator license

• Pilot/ operator insurance to our same specifications, naming The City of Miami Beach and our address as additional insured

• Manufacturer detail showing weight of UAS to be less than 55 lbs

• Date, times of each USA filming use

• A map showing the flight path/ vector of use for the UAS filming, as well as height from ground and projected speed


The area of use must be free and clear of all general public during any USA filming uses.  This must be ensured by hiring off-duty police and/or ocean rescue to control the area.  Only cast and crew hired by the production and under the WC of the production are allowed within the designated area.  This naturally behooves you to create a smaller circumference of area use to lessen police need and control. If the area impacts a business, residence or beachfront concession, their signed approval on our signature survey for the specific use is required as well, and in some instances, there are required contractual concession displacement costs.


For the dunes, we have to secure the pedestrian access points for South Pointe, you also have to pull a permit with Dee Belz at the Miami-Dade County Film Office, 305-375-3288, and she will notify all the federal agencies in and around the port of Miami. 


• Valid Indemnity Agreement
• Valid Certificate of Insurance
• Completed Permit Application

Indemnity Agreement: This agreement must be completed and submitted to the Office of Film and Print before any permits may be issued. Indemnity agreements must be completed by the President or a legally authorized individual representative of the applicant and must carry a corporate seal or be notarized. For the first permit a legible faxed copy may be accepted, but an original must replace the fax and be on file with this office for all additional permits. Starting with 2008, Indemnity Agreements are valid for three years after the date of execution. Please follow all instructions listed on the first page of the indemnity. If you have any additional questions about the Indemnity Agreement please call our office.  Indemnity Agreement (Acrobat)

Certificate of General Liability: The policy and insurance company must follow all requirements set forth in the indemnity agreement.  The City of Miami Beach requires a Certificate of General Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage of one million ($1,000,000) dollars. The certificate must name the City of Miami Beach with our address, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL  33139 as the certificate holder and the City of Miami Beach also needs to be named as Additional Insured on the certificate.  If your company is required by to carry Worker's Compensation per State or Province requirements, you must include proof of Worker's Compensation insurance.

Permit application (TWO OPTIONS, please read carefully):
If your production will utilize Miami-Dade County locations and/or services (including Marine Patrol, use County roads, use of or relocating MDTA bus stops, etc.) use the One-Stop Permit and apply at Miami-Dade County will charge a non-refundable $100.00 permit application fee.  This is not a Miami Beach fee. 

If your production will film exclusively within the City of Miami Beach and will not utilize Miami-Dade County services, you may request a permit using the City of Miami Beach Film and Print Permit Online Application. There is no application fee or permit fee associated with the Miami Beach Film and Print Permit Application.  Note, this option cannot be used for emergency permitting on the weekends or after hours.

Vehicle Beach Access: Productions requiring to park essential vehicles on the beach or sand areas of Miami Beach may purchase Vehicle Beach Access Passes (VBAP) for each production vehicle.  The cost of the pass is $150, but the first one per day is free.  This charge is per pass per day unless the vehicles do not move from a specified location for that permitted use.  The City’s vehicle beach access policies (found in the Film and Print Guidelines and on the back of the pass itself) must be adhered to, and Miami Beach police must escort all active vehicles at all times.

Residential Filming Guidelines: The City of Miami Beach requires all commercial production use of residential Miami Beach to have a Film and Print permit, no matter the size of the production or area or type of residence.  Parking is severely restricted in residential areas of Miami Beach and is not available on swales at any times.  Filming in residential Miami Beach without a permit constitutes a zoning violation and can lead to citations to both the production company and the homeowner.  For residential filming guidelines, please review the Film and Print Guidelines.

Special Event Permits: If your proposed use involves the public, a Special event permit may be required.  You can review the Special Event permit application and guidelines at
 www.eventsmiamibeach.comThe requirements and deadlines for this use are much more arduous than for film permits.