Residents can properly dispose of these items at the City's bi-annual household hazardous waste collection or at one of the Miami Dade County facilities listed below.  The next scheduled Hazardous Waste Collection Events are scheduled from 8a.m. to 3p.m. at the 40th Street & Chase Avenue surface lot on the following dates:

  • Sunday April 26, 2015
  • Sunday November 2015 TBD

Do not dispose of the following household hazardous waste items in the trash, in the sewer or on the ground:

Non-disposable Items
Automotive  Lawn & Garden
 Auto Batteries  Bug Spray
 Carburetor cleaner  Charcoal lighter fluid
 Degreaser  Fertilizer w/ weed killer
 Fuels  Insect Killer
 Gasoline   Pool Chemicals
 Oil Filters  Roach/Ant Killer
 Used Antifreeze    Rodent Bait
 Used Motor Oil    Weed Killer
Non-disposable Items
Household Items  Home Improvements
 Aerosol Products*  Concrete Cleaners
 Button Batteries    Driveway Sealer
 Batteries (rechargeable)   Furniture Stripper
 Drain Cleaners  Glue w/ solvents
 Fluorescent Lights  Latex Paint**
 Mothballs  Oil Based Paint
 Nail Polish/Remover  Paint Remover
 Oven Cleaner  Paint Thinner
 Polish w/ solvents  Roofing Tar
 Spot Removers    Stain/Varnish
 Thermometers (mercury)  Wood Preservatives

* Empty aerosols can be disposed of in the trash
** When possible, dry out unusable latex paint and dispose of in the trash.

The County has (2) Permanent Home Chemical Collection Centers:

• West Dade 8831 N.W. 58th Street
• South Dade 23707 S.W. 97th Av. Gate-B

The hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday and the contact number for Miami Dade County is 305-594-1500.  Home Chemical Web Site: