To look up the zoning for a property, consult the zoning map. To find out the meaning of a zoning classification, click on the appropriate link below.


RS-1, RS-2, RS-3, RS-4 Single family residential
TH Townhome residential
RM-1 Residential multifamily, low intensity
RM-2 Residential multifamily, medium intensity
RM-3 Residential multifamily, high intensity
CD-1 Commercial, low intensity
CD-2 Commercial, medium intensity
CD-3 Commercial, high intensity
I-1 Urban light industrial
MXE Mixed use entertainment
HD Hospital district
MR Marine recreational
GU Civic and government use
RM-PRD Multifamily, planned residential dvpmt
RM-PRD-2 Multifamily, planned residential dvpmt
WD-1 Waterway district
WD-2 Waterway district
RO Residential office
GC Golf course  


RPS-1 Residential performance standard, medium-low density
RPS-2 Residential performance standard, medium density
RPS-3 Residential performance standard, medium-high density
RPS-4 Residential performance standard, high density
CPS-1 Commercial performance standard, limited mixed use
CPS-2 Commercial performance standard, general mixed use
CPS-3 Commercial performance standard, intensive mixed use
CPS-4 Commercial performance standard, intensive phased bayside
RMPS-1 Residential mixed use performance standard 
SPE Special public facilities educational district
TC-1 North Beach Town Center core
TC-2 North Beach Town Center mixed use
TC-3 North Beach Town Center residential/office
TC-3(c) North Beach Town Center residential/office with conditional neighborhood commercial  


Administrative Zoning Interpretation

RE: 6801 Collins Avenue

RE: 6343-6363 Indian Creek Dr