The current Workers' Compensation Statute (Florida Statute 440.134) makes it mandatory that all medical treatment for work related injuries occurring after December 31, 1996, be furnished to employees through a Managed Care Arrangement.

The City of Miami Beach and CorVel’s main goal is to provide you a safe working environment. We realize that occasionally an accident occurs at work, therefore, we strive to provide you with quality medical services. Our focus is to assist job-related injured workers in receiving immediate and quality medical care, to administer workers’ compensation claims from the initial injury until the closing of the claim, and to safely return lost-time employees to productive employment.

To ensure that all lines of communication are open, effective immediately, all supervisors/payroll coordinators in their designated departments will be receiving an initial call directly from CorVel when a new claim is reported. This initial call will identify who the claim examiner contact is and the status of the claim. Payroll coordinators will continue to get updates from the assigned examiner on return to work status, restrictions, appointments, etc. Any questions or concerns regarding the claim should be brought to the examiner first.

Onsite Examiner:
Cathy Reid
813.637.8937 or 305.673.7524


  • You have the right to confidential and accessible medical care.   
  • You have the right to timely, quality medical treatment.   
  • You must choose your Primary Care Provider from the Med View Network(s); the Network listing(s) are located in your department.  The listing includes the names, addresses and phone numbers of all providers.   
  • You may afford yourself of the Workers' Compensation Managed Care Grievance Process as established regarding any concerns you may have about the medical care being provided to you.
  • You have the right to return to your work position when physically able to do so and as soon as released by your Primary Care Provider.


  • You must report all work related injuries or illnesses promptly.   
  • You must utilize Network Providers only unless otherwise stated.   
  • You must cooperate with all treatment established.   
  • You must comply with attendance at all physician/physical/occupational therapy appointments.   
  • You must return to work as soon as you are medically released to do so.