Coverage can be elected within 30 days of eligibility (i.e., employment coverage as described above for eligible employees and dependents, marriage, birth or adoption of eligible dependents). If coverage is desired after the eligibility period has ended, the employee and/or dependent(s) are subject to pre-existing conditions, if the patient cannot prove 18 months of continuous and credible health care coverage.Enrollment in the HMO after the eligibility date can be done only at the annual Open Enrollment.

Employees and the City share equally in the premium cost for both employee and dependent coverage. Premiumrates change generally once a year, on October 1st. Open Enrollment is held annually, enabling employees to change from one of the City's plans to another.image026

A City-sponsored health care plan will be the primary payor for any employee and/or spouse who iseligible for Medicare coverage and participates in a group health care plan with the City (TEFRA). Health care coverage can be continued after termination of employment, and also for dependents no longereligible for coverage (COBRA).

Please contact the Risk Managment Department, Group Insurance Section within 30 days of the even if either of these situations apply. From time to time, Federal and State laws may be enacted which may affect your benefits. You will be notified via Employee Newsletter or paycheck attachments of any such enactment.