The purpose of the Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.) is to help an employee deal with personal problems. It is designed to assist with a broad range of issues such as emotional distress, family or marital discord, alcohol or drug abuse, financial or legal difficulties, among others.

Employees may voluntarily seek assistance on their own or a supervisor may encourage them to make use of the program. Regardless of who initiates the referral to E.A.P., confidentiality is assured. No information regarding the nature of a personal problem is made available to a supervisor nor included in personnel files.

Assessment and referral to community resources, if needed, are available through the E.A.P. Coordinator.Participation in the program does not jeopardize an employee's job security, promotional opportunities, nor reputation.

Everyone has problems that seems unsolvable at one time or another. If personal problems are spilling over into your work, we can and would like to help you to solve them.