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The Buzz on North Beach Defining a Better Future for the North Shore of Miami Beach

Local Residents and City of Miami Beach Join Forces

A joint effort between North Beach residents, businesses and the City of Miami Beach has emerged in an exciting endeavor to revitalize the North Shore Bandshell District in the wake of a resurgence of the entire area.

In the past five years alone, North Beach has transformed into one of the hottest neighborhoods in Miami Beach.  Since 2002, there have been over 3000 new condominium units completed or under development, with new projects emerging monthly.  The arrival of Canyon Ranch, Ocean Blue, Aqua, The Akoya, Terra, and The Bath Club have brought a new demographic into the area with property prices equaling those of South Beach.  It is a return to the glory days of the past as the infamous "Hotel Row" on Collins Ave. gets a facelift, the area's unique brand of "MiMo" architecture gets recognized by the National Register as an Historic District, and an increasing number of new residents move to the area, attracted to its' many charms and distinctive authenticity. 

With these new arrivals comes the desire and need to take pleasure in their neighborhood, eat and drink in the restaurants and bars, shop in the eclectic array of stores, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach.  They bring more consumer spending power, increased awareness and interest in their new neighborhood, and increased demand for a greater variety of goods and services.

Opportunity for Business Enhancement and Growth

In response to this revitalization comes the opportunity for all businesses to expand their customer base, to market to a broader range of income and ethnicity, and to increase profits.  Businesses may also elect to redesign storefronts for maximum business attraction and customer retention, to renovate or build new additions, or convert an unused building or vacant store to a money making operation.

Activities Planned to Raise Public Awareness of North Beach

The North Beach Renaissance Committee that has formed as a reaction to this unprecedented revitalization is reaching out to all business owners and operators in order to assist them in getting more information about various City, County, and Nationally sponsored programs that offer financial assistance, tax incentives, and business assistance for all types and sizes of business operations, renovations, and new developments. 

The Renaissance Committee is also spearheading various events aimed at showcasing the neighborhood businesses and attracting more people to the area. The first area to be showcased has been dubbed the "Bandshell Commercial District". This is the two-block area of Collins Avenue between 73rd Street and 75th Street.  A North Beach Shopping Day - the "Shop Hop" took place January 26, 2008 and included entertainment at the Bandshell with other programs and prizes aimed at gathering locals and tourists to the Bandshell Commercial District.
For more information regarding the Bandshell Commercial District, please visit their website. Website