Defined Benefit Pension Plans
For General Employees: (Direct Link) Miami Beach Employees Retirement Plan (MBERP)
For Fire & Police Sworn Personnel: (Direct Link) Fire and Police Pension

Reso 2013-28290: City Commission Adopted Pension Policies and Guidelines

401k and 457 Plans
The City of Miami Beach has two administrators available for participating employees:
Nationwide Retirement Services

457 Deferred Compensation Plan Annual Contribution Levels for 2016:

  • $18,000 Maximum annual contribution for those under age 50
  • $24,000 Maximum annual contribution for those at age 50 and above
  • $36,000 Maximum annual contribution for those participating in the three (3) year Pre-Retirement catch up provision

Beneficiary Designation Form MBERP
Beneficiary Designation Form Statutory Death Benefit
457 ICMA - Change Amount form
457 Nationwide - Participation Agreement