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320-2004 Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR)
319-2004 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Update
318-2004 Restricted Residential Parking Zones
317-2004 Parks & Recreation Department Update
316-2004 310 Collins Avenue - Emergency Demolition Order Status Report
315-2004 Swearing of Congressional Representatives
314-2004 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
313-2004 Atlantic Broadband - City of Miami Beach Cable Provider
312-2004 X-26 Taser Deployment Policy
311-2004 Resident Survey
310-2004 Holiday Courtesy Notice (Parking Enforcement)
309-2004 Weekly Update
308-2004 Parks & Recreation Holiday Parties & Events
307-2004 900 Collins Avenue - Coral Rock Home Demolition Status Report
306-2004 Proposed Evaluation Committee for North Shore Improvement Project RFQ 41-03/04
305-2004 Upcoming Board and Committee Vacancies
304-2004 TV 20 Programming Schedule
303-2004 Proposed Evaluation Committee for Biscayne Point Improvement Project RFQ 42-03/04
302-2004 Multi-Space Pay Stations
301-2004 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
300-2004 Residential Alarm Protocol
299-2004 Status Report on FDOT Study for SR 934
298-2004 Holiday Decorations
297-2004 RDP Royal Palm Default Notice
296-2004 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
295-2004 Illegal Waste Dumping
294-2004 Art Basel Miami Beach
293-2004 Parks & Recreation Department Update
292-2004 South Pointe RDA Satellite Office
291-2004 Proposed Drexel Avenue Improvements
290-2004 Public Records Request Made By The Communications Workers of America (CWA)
289-2004 November 2, 2004 Presidential Election - Results by Miami Beach Precincts
288-2004 Communications Workers of America (CWA) Impasse Procedures
287-2004 Citizen Opinion Survey
286-2004 Weekly Update
285-2004 Winter 2004 Recreation Review Magazine
284-2004 Restricted Residential Parking Zones - Update
283-2004 Parks & Recreation Sponsor "Thank You" Lunch
282-2004 TV 20 Programming Schedule
281-2004 City of Miami Beach Early Voting Incentives Recap
280-2004 Weekly Update
279-2004 Evaluation Committee for Request for Proposals (RFP) for Claim Administration Services for the City of Miami Beach self-Insured Workers' Compensation Program
278-2004 All Hands on Miami Beach Day
277-2004 Request for Proposals (RFP) No. 34-03/04, for Valet Parking Services at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Jackie Gleason Theater of Performing Arts, and Other City Property, as May be Required
276-2004 Evaluation Committee Related to Request for Proposals (RFP) No. 48-03/04 for Collection and Disposal of Residential Solid Waste, Yard Trash, Bulk Waste, and Operation of the City's Green Waste Facility.
275-2004 Annual Chlorination of Water Supply
274-2004 Findings of the State Attorney and the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust Regarding Sponsorship RFP Bid Protest Allegations
273-2004 Status Report on the Indian Creek Greenway Project
272-2004 Proposed Construction Schedule for Washington Avenue
271-2004 City's Permitting Process/Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) Municipal Review Requirements Relative to Sewer Capacity Certifications
270-2004 Evaluation Committee for RFQ NO. 37-03/04, For Phase I - Master Plan/Basis of Design Report (BODR), and Phase II - Design Services for the 16th Street Operational Improvements and Enhancement Project
269-2004 My attendance at the International City/County Management Association Conference (ICMA) and Leadership Florida Conference from October 16-October 24, 2004
268-2004 County General Obligation Bond Allocations
267-2004 Miami Beach Early Voting
266-2004 Anchor/16th Street Parking Garage Annual Report
265-2004 Miami Beach Arts Trust
264-2004 Sofi Lounge- 423 Washington Avenue
263-2004 41st Street Bridge Renovation Project
262-2004 Implementation Status of Municipal Mobility Plan Projects
261-2004 Recreation Update
260-2004 Political Action Committee - Citizens to Preserve Miami Beach
259-2004 6th Annual Crime Prevention Alliance of South Florida Executive Awards Breakfast Presentation
258-2004 Final Stuntwork for Feature Film "Transporter 2"
257-2004 Realignment of Captains in the Patrol Division
256-2004 Registered Domestic Partnerships
255-2004 Proposed Evaluation Committee for South Pointe Park Improvement Project RFQ 39-03/04
254-2004 Early Voting Locations & Dates/Times for the November 2, 2004 Presidential and City of Miami Beach Special Elections
253-2004 Middle District Burglaries
252-2004 Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Small Business Development Seminars
251-2004 Miami Beach Scholarship Underwritten by SMG, Centerplate & The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau
250-2004 FDOT Public Information Workshop Re: Julia Tuttle Causeway Scheduled for Tuesday, September 28, 2004 at 6:00 p.m.
249-2004 Leadership Florida Conference, Haines City, Florida
248-2004 Hurricane Frances Preliminary Estimated Impacts
247-2004 City Center Maximum Building Height Regulations
246-2004 Follow-up Information on Agenda Item C2B, Supply and Delivery of Tapping Sleeves and Saddles, Presented to City Commission Meeting of July 28, 2004
245-2004 Atlantic Broadband - City of Miami Beach Cable Provider
244-2004 Film Production Update
243-2004 Board and Committee Biannual Reports
242-2004 Major David Allen - Graduation From the FBI National Academy
241-2004 Correspondence from Constance A. Kaplan, Supervisor of Elections, Regarding the November 2, 2004 Presidential Election
240-2004 Film Production Activity This Week
239-2004 Total Ballots Cast in Miami Beach Precincts - August 30, 2004 Election
238-2004 Ficus Tree in Flamingo Park
237-2004 Air & Sea Show Discussions
236-2004 November 2, 2004, Miami Beach Straw Ballot Questions - As Amended
235-2004 November 2, 2004, Miami Beach Straw Ballot Questions
234-2004 Hurricane Frances
233-2004 Public Hearing to Consider a Revocable Permit for the Use of the Northern Half of West 29th Street Street-End, West of Prairie Avenue, in Favor of Massimo and Jiska Barraca Owner's of the Adjacent Property Owners at 2900 Prairie Avenue
232-2004 Letter to the City Commission from the Charter Review and Revision Board
231-2004 Preliminary Response to Draft Report- Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Review of the Upcoming August 31, 2004, Primary Election
230-2004 Accreditation of the Miami Beach Fire Department
229-2004 Rehabilitation of the 63rd Street Bridge, Construction of At-Grade Intersection at 63rd Street and Indian Creek Drive, and reconstruction of Indian Creek Drive From 63rd Street to Abbott Avenue
228-2004 MTV Video Music Awards 2004- August 29, 2004
227-2004 Evaluation Committee Related to Request for Proposal (RFP) No. 32-03/04 for Citizen/Public Opinion Survey Services
226-2004 Holocaust Memorial Committee's Request
225-2004 CIP Weekly Construction Project Update
224-2004 Mutual Aid Assistance to Areas in Southwest Florida Affected by Hurricane Charley
223-2004 Weekly Update
222-2004 Miami-Dade County Elections Department Information
221-2004 Personnel Board Group II Election
220-2004 Upcoming Filing of Stunt Scenes for Feature Film, "Transporter 2"
219-2004 CIP Projects
218-2004 Traffic Calming - The Meridian Condominium & Bayshore Neighborhood
217-2004 CIP Weekly Construction Project Update
216-2004 "Best Summertime Chill," and more...
215-2004 Miami Beach Police Department
214-2004 Domestic Partnership Certificates
213-2004 "Miami Heat" Visit to Flamingo Park
212-2004 New World Symphony - Update LTC #067-2004 & LTC # 106-2004 Revised Project Concept Plan Alternatives
211-2004 Commission on Fire Accreditation International Conference (CFAI)
210-2004 Jackie Gleason Theater - Rental Rate Increase Clarification of Resolution 2004-25583
209-2004 Homebuyer Workshop, August 10th, 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., First Floor Conference Room
208-2004 Update on the City's Wayfinding Signage Project
207-2004 Weekly Update
206-2004 Evaluation Committee for RFP No. 30-03/04
205-2004 MTV Music Award Show
204-2004 Regional Library Status Report
203-2004 Fire Department Awards Program
202-2004 Camp Miami Beach
201-2004 Weekly Update
200-2004 Primer Bonus Trip
199-2004 Mid-Summer Splash Party
198-2004 Fall 2004 Recreation Review Magazine
197-2004 Informational Workshop for the Medicaid Discount Cards
196-2004 Collins Park Oversight Committee Recommendations Agenda Item R7D dated July 28, 2004
195-2004 Loews Hotel Buyout of City/ RDA Interest in Premises
194-2004 Miami-Dade County General Obligation Bond
193-2004 Junior Police Academy Graduation
192-2004 Prostitution / Burglary Update
191-2004 Cultural Arts Council Recommendations
190-2004 DRB Decision- DRB File 17666 (7100 Fisher Island Palazzo Del Mar)
189-2004 Draft Noise Ordinance
188-2004 20-Inch Water Main Distribution Line Break
187-2004 Announcement: 2004 Florida Ethics Conference
186-2004 Atlantic Broadband - City of Miami Beach Cable Provider
185-2004 Miami-Dade County Request to Change The Election Runoff Date From Two (2) Weeks to Four (4) Weeks
184a-2004 August 31, 2004 Primary Election - Early Voting
184-2004 August 31, 2004 Primary Election - Early Voting Schedule
183-2004 Lieutenant James Cuming & Lieutenant Richard Weissman Graduation From Southern Police Institute
182-2004 Weekly Update
181-2004 CSI: Miami Production
180-2004 Fire Department Evaluation for Accreditation
179-2004 Noise and Occupational License Tax Ordinances
178-2004 FY 04/05 Budget - Preliminary Proposed Budget Adjustment
177-2004 The Use of Channel 20 to Televise Public Service Announcements and Other Governmental Programming
176-2004 Seniors vs. Crime Store Front Office Project
175-2004 61st Annual Playground Review
174-2004 Public Relations and Communications Services Ad Hoc Committee
173-2004 Police Department Promotions
172-2004 Miami Beach as a National Heritage Area
171-2004 Florida Power & Light (FPL) Damaged Power Cables
170-2004 Design Review Board Decision - DRB File 17666 (7100 Fisher Island - Palazzo Del Mar)
169-2004 Film Florida Meetings in Miami Beach
168-2004 Recipient of State of Florida Entertainment Industry Incentive
167-2004 FY 04/05 Budget - Deprtment Budget Efficiency/Reduction Options & Service Enhancement Proposals
166-2004 Maintenance of Traffic Plan for 63rd Street Flyover Removal, Bridge Rehabilitation & Improvements to Indian Creek Drive Project and Timeline
165-2004 Transmittal of Internal Audit on Beachfront Concession Agreement (Boucher Brothers Miami Beach, LLC)
164-2004 Jackie Gleason Theater & The Miami Beach Convention Center New Director of Marketing - Mitch Morales
163-2004 Evaluation Committee Related To Request For Qualifications (RFQ) No. 21-01/02 For Esbalishment Of A Resource Library For Information Technology And Telecommunications Services
162-2004 Captain Reid - Graduation From The Senior Management Institute For Police
161-2004 Captain Sliman - Graduation from Northwestern University's Executive Development Program
160-2004 Assistant Chief Press Selected to Be New Village of Key Biscayne Chief Of Police
159-2004 Florida League of Cities - City Manager of the Year Award
158-2004 Bridge Rehabilitation, Removal of Flyover, and Improvements to 63rd Street and Indian Creek Drive
157-2004 42nd Street Streetscape Project
156-2004 Watson Island Community Meeting
155-2004 Miami-Dade County Elections Department - Request To Change the City of Miami Beach's Election Runoff Period From Two (2) Weeks To Four (4) Weeks.
154-2004 Design Review Board Decision - DRB File 17373 (The Marlborough House)
153-2004 Police Department Hiring
152-2004 Status of Public/Private Parking Garage Developments
151-2004 Fire Station No. 4 - Permit Process Status
150-2004 Burglaries on North Bay Road
149-2004 Miami Beach Lure Brochure
148-2004 Amending the Ordinance Addressing Newsracks
147-2004 Termination of Jeri Goodkin - Senior Building Inspector
146-2004 Out of Office June 11-27,2004
145-2004 Kathie Brooks
144-2004 Joint Workshop - Land Use & School Facility Planning June 11, 2004 from 8:45 a.m. to noon
143-2004 Safety Issues/Intersection of 10th Street & Lenox Avenue
142-2004 Police Transfers for Organizational Development
141-2004 Committee of the Whole Meeting
140-2004 Weekly Update
139-2004 Island Gardens/Watson Island - Notification of Proposed Change
138-2004 Miami Herald Wrap - Visitor's Guide
137-2004 Appointments to the Land Use Boards- June 9th Commission Meeting
136-2004 2004 Assessment Roll Estimate
135-2004 Memorial Day Weekend 2004
134-2004 North Shore Park & Youth Center Grand Opening
133-2004 Prostitution Detail Summary
132-2004 Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors Nominating Process
131-2004 Electrowave Update
130-2004 Tropical Nights 2004
129-2004 Replacement of 63rd St Flyover & Rehabilitation of 63rd St Bascule Bridge
128-2004 Swim Assessments for City of Miami Beach Firefighters
127-2004 Atlantic Broadband - City of Miami Beach Cable Provider
126-2004 Protected Left-Turn Movements at Certain Alton Road Intersections
125-2004 Proposed Evaluation Committee for South Pointe Neighborhood ROW Improvement Project Phases 3, 4 and 5
124-2004 Re-Evaluation Committee for the Request for Qualifications for Building Inspection Services
123-2004 42nd Street Project Status
122-2004 Coordination of Miami Beach Sr. High School Plans w/ Bayshore Neighborhood ROW Improvement Project Plans
121-2004 Commission Retreat on May 22, 2004
120-2004 Joint Workshop - Land Use and School Facility Planning
119-2004 Current Strategies In Policing
118-2004 FDOT Position on the replacement of the 63rd St. Flyover
117-2004 Weekly Update
116-2004 Presentation on maintenance funding made to joint GO Bond Oversight Committee and budget advisory committee
115-2004 RFP No. 20-03/04, for valet parking services at the MB Convention Center, Jackie Gleason Theater of Performing Arts , and other City property, as may be required
114-2004 Request for Proposals RFP No. 18-03/04 for Parking Cashiers attendants and supervisors
113-2004 Commission Retreat on May 22, 2004
112-2004 Meeting scheduled with the Children's Trust and the Miami Beach provider Community
111-2004 WSVN Channel 7 Investigative reports
110-2004 Update on Issues raised at the March 22, 2004 Mayor on the Move meeting in South Beach
109-2004 FY 04/05 Departmental Budget Review Meetings With the Administration
108-2004 Lincoln Road Green (Farmer's) Mkt. - Meeting with Merchants & Property Owners
107-2004 M. Kay Randall
106-2004 New World Symphony Project Update
105-2004 Evaluation and Appraisal Report
104-2004 Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Meetings
103-2004 Amending Ordinance on Permitting and Locations of Newsracks
102-2004 Petitions - May 5, 2004 City Commission Agenda, Item R5E
101-2004 Weekly Update
100-2004 Children's Trust - Review of Proposals
099-2004 Police Memorial Ceremony
098-2004 Sponsorship RFP and Bid Protest
097-2004 Florida League of Cities - City Manager of the Year Award
096-2004 Atlantic Broadband - CMB Cable Provider
095-2004 CWA Public Records Request
094-2004 Commission Retreat
093-2004 South Florida CEO - Miami Beach Report
092-2004 Arbor Day 2004 Planting Ceremony
091-2004 2620 Biarritz Drive - Appraisal Report
090-2004 Summer 2004 Recreation Review Magazine
089-2004 GolfWorld Magazine Features Miami Beach Gold Club
088-2004 Parks & Recreation Updates
087-2004 Resignation of Pablo Cejas from the Planning Board
086-2004 Planning Board Workshops
085-2004 Sidewalk Cafes in FDOT's Right-of-Way
084-2004 Weekly Update
083-2004 Proposed Miami-Dade County Ordinance that may affect the City Commission
082-2004 Concurrency
081-2004 Evaluation and Appraisal Report
080-2004 March 16, 2004 Letter from AFSCME
079-2004 Prostitution Update
078-2004 Reserve Officer Program
077-2004 Weekly Update
076-2004 Residential Parking Permit Zone Five/ Ocean Drive Workshop
075-2004 Loews Hotel Percentage Rent
074-2004 Fireboat
073-2004 Letter from Constance A. Kaplan, Supervisor of Elections, Miami-Dade County
072-2004 Plan for Development of Goodman, Hinson & Alaska Parcels & Blks. 51, 52 & 1
071-2004 Update on Club Honey Closure
070-2004 Board and Committee Biannual Reports
069-2004 Vistas Condominiums Temporary Parking (Venetian Causeway)
068-2004 Theater Management - Byron Carlyle and Colony Theaters
067-2004 New World Symphony Project
066-2004 Convention Development Tax - $15 Million Payment
065-2004 "All for Miami Beach, Stand Up and Holler…"
064-2004 Weekly Update
063-2004 Stolen Residential Parking Visitor Hang-Tags
062-2004 Police Department's Surveillance of Hip-hop Artists
061-2004 Closure of Club Honey for Underage Drinking
060-2004 Amending the Newsrack Ordinance
059-2004 Second Amend. To Interlocal Cooperation Bet. Miami-Dade and CMB
058-2004 Crime Statistics for January and February 2004
057-2004 Traffic Analysis Report - Indian Creek Drive
056-2004 Weekly Update
055-2004 Community Relations Board Appointments
054-2004 Shift Overlap Initiative
053-2004 South Pointe Park Pier Closure
052-2004 Parks & Recreation…The Fun Never Ends
051-2004 LEO Awards Recipients
050-2004 Cops in Shops Program
049-2004 Online Access of Historic Properties Database
048-2004 Fire Chief Floyd Jordan
047-2004 Proposed Evaluation Committee for Enterprise Financial & Adm. System - RFP 16-03/04
046-2004 Officer Kevin Graham selected as Dade Chief's Jan. 2004 Officer of the Month
045-2004 Quality of Life and Homeless Outreach initiative
044-2004 Weekly Update
043-2004 Organizational Status of the Beach Patrol
042-2004 Crime Statistics Annual Report for 2003
041-2004 Be Our Valentine at Two Parks and Recreation Dept. Dances
040-2004 2004 Miami Intl. Boat Show and Yacht and Brokerage Show
039-2004 Commission Retreat
038-2004 Mayors Blue Ribbon Panel on the Structural Integrity of Historic Buildings
037-2004 Miami-Dade GO Bond Town Hall Meeting
036-2004 Relay for Life Event on Miami Beach
035-2004 Multi-space Pay Stations- Phase I and II
034-2004 The Works of Art - Original Book not on File- distributed only to Com/Mayor
033-2004 "All for Miami Beach, Stand Up and Holler…"
032-2004 Seahawks Swim Team Honored
031-2004 RFP No. 9-03/04 - Public Relations, Marketing And Communications Consulting
030-2004 Early Voting Location and Dates/ Time for March 9
029-2004 Request for Proposals for FY 04/05 CDBG and ESG
028-2004 Unified Municipal Election Date
027-2004 Pelican Transfer of Lease Agreement
026-2004 February Packed with Parks and Rec. Dept. FUN on back to back Sundays
025-2004 Review of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau
024-2004 Weekly Update - Weeks of January 12 and 19, 2004
023-2004 Miami Tropical Marathon and Half-Marathon
022-2004 Phase II of the South Pointe Neighborhood Presentation
021-2004 Void
020-2004 Providing Affordable Housing in a Fully Built Urban Environment Charette
019-2004 Special Events Permit Requirements Revisions
018-2004 City Commission Appointments to the Land Use Boards
017-2004 700 Block of Michigan Avenue
016-2004 Greater Miami Convention & Visitor's Bureau Headquarters
015-2004 Building Dept. - Derm Asbestos Report Review Seminar
014-2004 Nextel Phone for City Hall Security Guard
013-2004 Wayfinding Signage Study Update
012-2004 Weekly Update - Week of Jan 5, 2004
011-2004 Police Department Reorganization
010-2004 Leo Foundation Awards
009-2004 Cultural Arts Council Committee Candidate
008-2004 Properties List
007-2004 Planning Board - Mr. Melvyn Schlesser (Attorney)
006-2004 Miami-Dade Maximum Allowable Towing Rates (Item R7F)
005-2004 Scott Rakow Youth Center Ice Skating Rink's TCO
004-2004 Rotunda Restoration Selection Committee
003-2004 Special Events Permit Requirements Revisions
002-2004 Recommendation of Appointments to Personnel Board
001-2004 Community Workshop on Community Garden Parking Lot