Printer Friendly VersionBUSINESS RESOURCE UNIT

The Business Resource Unit deals with fiscal and related matters, excluding the budget. It is also the primary entity responsible for Payroll, the Off-duty Office and the Court Liaison Office.  Its responsibilities are accomplished by three sections within the unit.

The Payroll Section monitors, processes and finalizes all Police Department payroll activity.  This responsibility includes assuring compliance with city policies and union collective bargaining agreements governing the processing of overtime, compensatory and other types of leave.  In addition, the Payroll Section is responsible for maintaining current and accurate data in the Employee Information System.

The Off-Duty Employment Section supervises all off-duty police services provided by the Department. Second only to the on-duty operations of the Department, the Off-Duty Employment Section is perhaps the most visible Department operation.  Personnel assigned to this section conduct inspections of off-duty employment activities and process the billing for employment of off duty officers.  The presence of off-duty officers not only reduces crime through increased police visibility but also enhances the law enforcement capabilities of the Department.

The Court Liaison Section monitors attendance by Police Department personnel at judicial proceedings and reviews and processes employee court overtime payments.  Using automated systems, the section tracks and coordinates court appearances to ensure compliance with court attendance policies.  The section also serves as the Police Department's liaison with the State Attorney's Office, Public Defender's Office, Judges, Clerk's Office and other criminal justice system organizations in matters relating to court appearance and employee conduct in judicial proceedings.  Their office is located at the Miami-Dade Criminal Justice Building (criminal court).