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The most valuable asset of the Miami Beach Police Department is it's employees. The Personnel Resources Unit is responsible for undertaking many of the core functions involved in the management of the human resources of the Department.  From the recruitment of prospective new employees to their retirement, the Personnel Resources Unit provides the services and expertise necessary to maintain a professional law enforcement workforce.

Some of the activities performed by the Personnel Resources Unit and it's sections include: 

  • Conduct recruitment drives
  • Process employment applications
  • Process Department hiring requests
  • Maintain personnel records
  • Ensure compliance with Police Standards and Training Commission regulations
  • Coordinate promotional testing
  • Provide career counseling
  • Conduct background investigations
  • Conduct new employee orientation
  • Maintain and track employee evaluations
  • Track employee assignments and transfers
  • Coordinate and monitor transfer selection interviews
  • Maintain job specifications and requirements
  • Process terminations

The Personnel Resources Unit includes the following components: 

  • The Training Section provides employees of the Department with high quality training including both entry level and in-service training.  Additionally the Training Section has the responsibility for coordinating and arranging all outside training, processing all Departmental travel, coordinating and monitoring academy training for new sworn officers, conducting both pre and post academy orientation for new employees, maintaining training records for all employees and operating all classroom and firearms range facilities.
  • The City of Miami Beach demands that its police officers maintain the highest level of proficiency, skill and professionalism.  The Training Section is a crucial entity in maintaining these high standards.
  • The Firearms Range Office is part of the Training Section and holds the responsibility for conducting all firearms training, research, and ensuring sworn officers maintain a high degree of skill with both firearms and non-lethal weapons.  All sworn police officers and detention officers qualify routinely with their firearms.  Officer recertification of non-lethal weapons is also conducted.
  • Besides conducting training, personnel assigned to the Firearms Range Office are certified armorers for most of the firearm types utilized throughout the Department.  The armorer provides firearm repair and weapon maintenance services.