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The Public Safety Communications Unit (PSCU) is a full service combined Police and Fire communications operation. Located in the police headquarters building, this is the operation responsible for receiving your telephone requests for fire or police services and dispatching the appropriate personnel. The PSCU handles over 170,000 incidents annually, currently with a staff of 61 employees. 

It's primary mission is to provide a rapid response to requests for assistance from the public. It also provides supportive functions directly to police and fire personnel in the field to assist them in handling your requests for service. Usually the public's first contact with the fire or police when needing help, the personnel assigned to the PSCU are highly trained and dedicated to providing professional service. 

  The PSCU is organized into several specialized functions: 

  • Administration/Supervision provides unit command and management, shift supervision and clerical support. 
  • Complaint reception receives telephone calls for service and information requests from the public. 
  • Fire Dispatch handles radio communications with Fire and Rescue personnel. 
  • Police Dispatch provides radio communication with Police personnel. 
  • Records Inquiry provides police field units with information, via radio, on wanted persons, stolen property and vehicles, drivers license and vehicle information and other related information. Local, state and national computer information networks are utilized by personnel in this function. 
  • The Message Center is responsible for the operation and monitoring of local, state and national criminal information computer networks. Personnel in this operation enter information on stolen vehicles and property, missing persons and other such data into these computer networks. This function also maintains records on vehicles towed within the City utilizing a specialized computer system. 
  • The Communications Training operation provides comprehensive training to new employees and ongoing in-service training to current employees. 
  • Recording Services operates the digital recording equipment that records police and fire radio and telephone communications activity. Requests for audio tapes of telephone conversations and radio transmissions from the public and Department employees are received and processed daily. 

A Traffic Signal Intervention System has been installed which provides dispatchers with remote control of selected traffic signals within the City. This system is connected to the Miami-Dade central traffic signal control system and allows various pre-defined groups of traffic signals to be forced to display a "green signal" in one direction for an extended period. The purpose of this system is to decrease the amount of travel time for Fire and Rescue vehicles over common routes during emergency responses. We anticipate that this new capability will allow us to provide faster fire and emergency medical services to residents and visitors.