The Information Resources Office is responsible for collecting, maintaining and providing various types of information throughout the Department and to the public. It's responsibilities also include the procurement, development, deployment and operation of computerized systems which aid in the processing of information.

From the cop on the street to the Chief of Police, employees of the Miami Beach Police Department rely constantly on the availability of various types of information in order to carry out their assigned duties and provide the public with a high level of professional law enforcement services. Both employees and the public consume and generate massive amounts of information daily.

The unit also provides services relating to the management of the trunked radio system and technical support of several systems used primarily by the Public Safety Communications Unit.


Technology Coordinator

The Technology Coordinator assigned to the Information Resources Office coordinates the acquisition, implementation and maintenance of all technology related issues at the Miami Beach Police Department.  The Technology Coordinator handles current computer systems and software applications, application development, Police Department website content management, police radio systems, computer-aided-dispatch system (CAD), records management system (RMS) and other technology related services.  The Technology Coordinator has the responsibility of planning for the future information system needs of the Department and evaluating, procuring, implementing and maintaining technologies and equipment which will allow the Miami Beach Police Department to provide the residents and visitors of Miami Beach the most modern Law Enforcement services available.

Some of the major projects that are currently underway by the Information Resources Office are:

  • Configuring, training and implementation of the new computer aided dispatch (CAD)/ records management system (RMS)/ field reporting (FR) computing system
  • Enhancement of the radio to provide emergency communications capabilities during hurricanes or other radio system outages
  • Integration of the radio system into a regional inter-agency communications plan which will provide field units direct communications capabilities with other local, state and federal law enforcement agency field personnel
  • Coordinating implementation of the Crime Scene Unit digital photography system
  • Coordinating implementation of an Electronic E-Citation System for the Department’s Motorcycle/Traffic Enforcement Officers 
  • Coordinating implementation of the Police Department security camera system
  • Research, testing, procuring, implementing numerous system upgrades for Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions
  • Police Department web content management
  • Coordinating Police Department participation in the R-LEX state-wide data sharing project

To contact the Miami Beach Police Department Technology Coordinator;

Detective Vince Tuzeo,  Technology Coordinator 
Miami Beach Police Department / Technical Services Division
1100 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Tel: 305-673-7776, ext# 5678  /
 Fax: 786-394-5303 / Cell: 561-385-8883
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