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The Internal Affairs Unit operates under the Office of the Chief and responds to complaints against employees of the Department. Currently a Commander, five Sergeants and a Clerk/Typist are assigned to this unit. Additionally, Internal Affairs investigates all police involved shootings, reviews control of persons reports and maintains an early warning system to track complaints against employees. They are also called upon, from time to time, to assist in investigations involving employees of other city departments. 

Complaint Procedure 

The first step in filing a complaint against an officer or other Department employee is to contact the Internal Affairs Unit, a Police Department Supervisor or the City Manager's Office. An Internal Affairs investigator or Police Department supervisor will meet with you in private to discuss your complaint. 

Upon receipt of your complaint it will either be assigned to Internal Affairs or the employee's commander for investigation. You will be contacted as soon as possible and asked to give a statement. This will be done in a non-intimidating private setting. All witnesses and the subject employee(s) will be interviewed as part of the investigation. When the complaint is resolved you will be notified by mail of the outcome. 

The telephone number of Internal Affairs is (305) 673-7920. 


2011 Internal Affairs Statistics

2010 Internal Affairs Statistics