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The goals and objectives of the department are to build neighborhood capacity, redesign public services and create a sense of community.

1. Building Neighborhood Capacity

When people organize and become more knowledgeable about how government works, they can help meet their community’s needs. Their energy and creativity combined with other public and private resources will create a diverse group working together in each neighborhood to mobilize new assets and generate positive change.

2. Redesign Public Services

The people who live and work in a neighborhood are excellent judges of their neighborhood’s priorities, opportunities and needs. The department gives residents a forum where unique neighborhood needs can be voiced to public officials and government staff. This dialog will lead to the reexamination of budget priorities and new methods of public service delivery.

3. Create a Sense of Community

Neighborhood revitalization ultimately depends on a sense of neighborhood identity and a commitment by all residents to make their neighborhood a better place to live, work, learn and play.

In order to reach these goals, the department, through its Community Resource and Outreach Team will conduct regular meetings with neighborhoods throughout the community to identify concerns affecting the community’s quality of life. These concerns will be examined to determine where enhancements can be achieved. The Community Resource and Outreach Coordinators are assigned to a specific area of the City (north, middle and south) to serve as the liaison between the City and homeowners and condominium associations and other civic groups to coordinate and monitor the delivery of services.

This is just the start of the department’s efforts. Promoting Citywide customer service excellence through improved service delivery, responding to service and information requests, and resolving complaints will be an integral part of serving the public.