Coastal Communities Transportation Master Plan and Coastal Communities Transit Master Plan 

Coastal Communities Transportation and Transit Master Plan will shape the future of the traffic along the communities of the barrier island -- City of Aventura, City of Sunny Isles Beach, Town of Bal Harbour Village, Town of Bay Harbor Islands, Town of Surfside, Town of Golden Beach and City of North Bay Village. 

The Coastal Communities Transportation and Transit Master Plan consist of two studies being developed in parallel -- the Coastal Communities Transportation Master Plan (CCTMP) and the Coastal Communities Transit Study (CCTS). The former focuses on analyzing traffic patterns and offering practical solutions to the current traffic and transportation issues on the barrier islands; while the latter, a joint venture with Miami Dade Transit, evaluates travel patterns of transit users, looking to consolidate routes and achieve overall system efficiency. Both plans will produce short, mid, and long term implementable solutions to transportation and transit issues within the coastal communities. 

Municipal Mobility Plan

The Miami Beach Municipal Mobility Plan (MMP) is the City’s first “grass roots” effort to master plan for the community’s transportation needs.  It provides a snapshot of future transportation issues and trends which will impact Miami Beach.  The MMP establishes the City’s vision for transportation and makes recommendations for meeting the identified needs (the Ten-Year Plan), provides a “Project Bank” of strategies for addressing the issues, and establishes the planning tools for guiding on-going decisions related to mobility.  It also reflects a comprehensive approach towards the issue of transportation by addressing the needs for all types of mobility, including automobiles, transit, pedestrians, bicycles, and other non-motorized vehicles.