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The Human Resources Department is comprised of the following areas: Employee Benefits, Compensation, Employee Relations, Labor Relations, Recruitment/Testing/Audit and Risk Management Divisions.

Employee Benefits is responsible for the coordination of all benefit programs provided and made available to all City employees and retirees.  In addition, the division is accountable for the enrollment of both the employees and retirees, including changes in coverage and termination under the applicable benefit programs, as well as the coordination of the City’s monthly Health and Wellness events in partnership with Humana, Gallagher and Consultants.  The division continually identifies opportunities for savings and opportunities to provide value added, cost effective benefit options for the City, its employees and retirees. 

The Compensation area is tasked with accurate and timely processing of compensation changes, tuition assistance reimbursement direct payments, family medical leave approval, leave donation transfers, and all leave and pay adjustments within Human Resources.  Compensation changes consists of the following:  New/Rehires, Promotions, Reclassifications, Transfers, Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA), Merit Increases, Premium Pay Incentives, and  Section 5 Allowances.  The division also conducts all Exit Conferences for separating employees and processes all terminations and resignations in the City, including any Leave Settlement Payouts.  The Compensation Division is the primary supporter of the Human Resources and Personnel Payroll Modules in the Eden Inform Gold Database.  In addition, the division coordinates the City’s responses to Public Records Requests (PRR) for any former or active employee’s employment information or employment files in compliance with the Florida Records Request Statute 119.

Employee Relations is responsible for implementing the disciplinary process and providing guidance on disciplinary matters with the goal of correction and enhancement of employee performance.  In keeping with this goal, Employee Relations oversees the random drug and alcohol testing process, the reasonable suspicion testing process, and the fitness for duty and “last chance” process.  Employee Relations is charged with the responsibility of responding to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaints and doing so in an objective and forthcoming manner, as well as representing the City at unemployment compensation appeals.  The Employee Relations Division provides for a productive and equitable environment in which to work, ultimately enhancing the provision of services to the public.   

Labor Relations strengthens working relationships throughout the City by successfully negotiating contracts and identifying improvement opportunities relating to the hours, wages and working conditions of union employees. As a primary function, Labor Relations establishes an environment that helps the City achieve a high standard of customer service and teamwork while focusing on the City's mission and objectives. Labor Relations employees are committed to improving communication between representatives of labor and management, assisting employees and management with conflict resolution, and providing employees and management with the opportunities to learn, explore and implement innovative and cooperative joint approaches to organizational effectiveness.

The Recruitment, Testing, and Audit area is responsible for attracting and hiring qualified candidates in the timeliest manner possible.  It is the starting point of any career with the City - all job applicants go through the Human Resources Department as part of the employment process, including screening, entry and promotional testing, interviews and background examinations for potential employees. The Division accomplishes this by providing direction and guidance to departments and staff on appropriate recruitment processes and we will strategize best methods for recruiting and selecting quality applicants.   This division also conducts job audits and surveys related to job positions.

The Risk Management area is committed to managing a comprehensive insurance/self-insurance program designed to protect the assets of the City and provide benefit to its employees, residents and the public with primary emphasis on quality, cost and safety.  Risk Management's primary function is to manage Claims (Workers' Compensation and Liability), Employee Safety, and all property/liability insurance programs (City insurance programs and insurance provided by third parties conducting business with the City by contract, resolution or ordinance).

Department Mission Statement

“We are dedicated to demonstrating pride and encourage professionalism and excellence in recruiting and retaining the City's workforce and providing the highest standard of excellence and cooperation amongst all employees."

Work Plan