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Our Division
The Labor Relations supports the City's Mission, Vision and Values through the strengthening of working relationships throughout the City by successfully negotiating contracts and identifying improvement opportunities relating to the hours, wages and working conditions of union employees. Through employee support, a primary function, Labor Relations establishes an environment that helps the City achieve the goals of customer service, teamwork while focusing on the City's mission and objectives.arrownext

Our Mission
Labor Relations is dedicated to providing the highest standard of excellence and cooperation between employees and management.  We are devoted to the acquisition and exchange of perspectives, information, and skills in the fields of public sector collective bargaining, labor-management and employee relations." arrownext 

Work Plan
With the comprehensive learning philosophy, comprised of high-quality training techniques and a flexible approach, Labor Relations achieves sustainable and measurable results which contribute to the City’s KIO of Attracting and Maintaining a Quality Workforce. Training is designed to support all levels of the organization and the ongoing training programs contribute to the strategic business initiatives, union and employee needs, current trends and other areas of development. Labor Relations understands that knowledge, communication and teamwork is the key to success, contributes to individual development and advancement, which in turn enhances the organization’s performance and leads to overall effectiveness and efficiency resulting in overall citizen approval.