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The City's Homeless Outreach Teams provide outreach and engagement services to the homeless, shelter placement, referral services, identification document replacement services, employment assistance and family reunification.

If  you are homeless, or know someone who is, contact the Homeless Outreach Team at 305.604.4663, or by calling toll free the Homeless Helpline at 1.877.994.HELP.

Walk In Center

555 17 Street

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone Number: 305.604.4663

Click here to download the city's Homeless Out Reach Resource Cards

Click here to download the city's "No Trespassing Sign"

Personalized No Trespass Signs: You are also welcome to design and post signage that blends into your respective property as long as the words “no trespassing” are printed in two-inch letters and you have signed an affidavit of enforcement consent with the Police Department. In addition, signage must be posted for every 500 linear feet of your property frontage.