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Association Name: Lincoln West Neighborhood Residents Association

Area: Boundaries Biscayne: Bay (west), Alton Road (east), 17th Street (north), 14th Street (south)

Contact: Arthur Marcus,President

Membership Requirements: Open to all residents whose primary residence is located within the boundaries, and request membership. 

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: There shall be at least two (2) general membership meetings yearly. Meetings shall be convened in the fall and spring upon any day decided by the majority vote of the Board. Notification shall be by mail, email, posted notices, telephone calls, or any other appropriate means of communication apt to reach a majority of the members. Notification shall require 15 days advance notice to all active members.


Mission of Association: To enhance the livability of the Lincoln West neighborhood and Miami Beach by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and liaison among the neighborhood, government agencies and other neighborhoods and to provide an open process by which all members of the residents association may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood.


Summary of Accomplishments:With the support of our neighborhood residents, and the City, we established resident Parking Program (RPP) zone 12.We continue to work with the City of Miami Beach Capital Improvement Projects program (CIP). This is an ongoing issue, and one of great importance for our neighborhood. Proposed projects were developed with the assistance of the neighborhood association and through public meetings.


We coordinated efforts to establish a pooper scrooper pilot program along West Avenue to assist pet owners in curbing their pets while keeping the City's swales, sidewalks and green spaces clean and beautiful.