Association Name: La Gorce Pine Tree Homeowners Association

Area: 51st Street North to Alton Road (63rd Street). All homes on La Gorce Drive, Pine Tree Drive including the side streets.

Contact: Rosemary Hansford, President
305-868-9200, Home/Office with Voicemail
305-864-9200, Home
305-542-5105, Cell

Frederick C. Sake, Esq., Vice President - 305-673-3700

Vic Ruggiero, Treasurer - 305-868-9597

Beverly Heller, Secretary - 305-864-1539, Home 

Board of Directors:

  • Eileen Brennan
  • David Gilbert
  • Glendon Hall
  • Rosemary Hansford
  • Pat Kopco
  • Hattie Rickert
  • Dave Swanson
  • Bruce Reich
  • Gerald Schwatz
  • Tony Ransola
  • Gladys Hernando


Membership Requirements: Membership is open to all persons over the age of 18 who own or have a life estate in residential property within the boundaries of the association.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: The Board of Director Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of each month. Meetings are held in various members homes. The annual Meeting (Dinner) Election of Officers takes place on the fourth Wednesday in May. The annual Halloween Walk/Party takes place on the Sunday before Halloween. The December Meeting is a Holiday Dinner Celebration. There is no meeting in August.

Mission of Association: The involvement of our members in our community welfare, the preservation of the integrity of our single-family area, the beautification of our area, the development and maintenance of our feeling of neighborhood, the furtherance of neighborhood issues, the establishment and maintenance of safe traffic conditions, the fostering of a safe and comfortable neighborhood, the creation and maintenance of a Community Crime Watch, the enforcement of an appropriate minimum housing code and standards, the prevention of code violations in our residential area, to enhance the livability of our neighborhood, to provide an open process whereby all members of our neighborhood can communicate with each other and where they may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood, to assist in the development of projects, undertakings and other activities in cooperation and coordination with appropriate City of Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County and State of Florida officials and groups for the furtherance of the good, safety and welfare of our neighborhood and community.

Summary of Accomplishments:  

1. Have repeatedly represented the neighborhood, before the City Commission, voicing our opinion/opposition to builder over development and other quality of life issues. i.e.: View corridors, toxic dumps etc, etc.

2. Worked with the City and County to build and landscape traffic calming islands.

3. Organize and sponsor annual Halloween Walk and Gala Party to provide a safe and fun environment for our neighborhood children and their families.

4. Have hosted and supported candidate forums.

5. Are currently working with the County to review the existing traffic island configuration and make adjustments as necessary (to the curb, road etc) to make them more effective (they have received copies of traffic accident reports on La Gorce and Pine Tree since 2000 to use as a basis).

6. Have developed a close working relationship with the CMB Police Department to establish communication and action plans to help slow traffic on both Pine Tree and La Gorce Drive and to assure neighborhood safety and security.

7. We are developing a program with the City Police to engage off duty police for additional policing of the neighborhood for crime prevention and strict enforcement of the neighborhood's 30 MPH speed limit.

8. We worked with the City to implement tree-planting on the swales following the removal of the coconut palms.

9. As certain trees, which were located on the right of way, had been causing extended electric outages, we successfully worked with the City of Miami Beach to have those trees either removed or trimmed, in an attempt to alleviate the problem.

10. We have increased the awareness of homeowners on Pine Tree/La Gorce on the issue of sexual predators living on Miami Beach and have consulted with area law enforcement on prudent safety measures.

11. Monitor “good neighbor” relations between residents and La Gorce Country Club

12. Developed a successful e-mail communication system with residents

13. Participated and supported the Miami Beach Police Department's Hate Crime Community meetings.

14. Worked with the Miami Beach public works department to have radar speed monitors installed on Pinetree Drive.

15. Assisted the Miami Beach Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit in training officers to conduct home security surveys per a program with the attorney General's Office.