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The Environment

The Environmental Resource Division at the City of Miami Beach operates to preserve, protect restore and enhance the environment of the City of Miami Beach and maintain environmental standards throughout the City. If you are interested in getting involved in some of their projects you can email the Environmental Division of Public Works at

The City of Miami Beach has also partnered with local community based organizations in order to facilitate volunteer opportunities to help clean up and sustain our beautiful environment.

Adopt –a –Park Program- a partnership with the City of Miami Beach Parks Department and Hands on Miami, Inc. Volunteers form small working groups that attend the park regularly and are involved in the ongoing restorative efforts going on in the park. To find out how to apply and to learn more about Hands on Miami, Inc, a county wide volunteer initiative

Beach Clean up– ECOMB (The Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach) partners with the City for periodic clean –ups throughout the City. To learn more about ECOMB and apply to volunteer

Environmental Education Providers

vn_eepThe Environmental Educations Providers is an Ad hoc group of organizations providing environmental education opportunities in Miami-Dade County. The group is composed of organizations representing government, not-for-profit advocacy, business, and scholastic interests.

There is currently no membership fee and any organization wishing to attend our meetings are more than welcome to join us. The group usually meets as a whole every second Wednesday of the month. Send an e-mail message for meeting information.

Links to member organizations with websites

Miami-Dade Department of Environmental Resources Management
Contact the Department at (305) 372-6789

Tropical Audubon Society
5530 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33143
Contact the Society at 305-666-5111 or by E-Mail:

The Volunteer Network

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