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Greenspace Management rescues weathering trees, mow our city’s lawns, and even go after pesky, creepy insects, like the Gumbo Limbo Spiraling Whitefly that started attacking our city’s trees 2010. A division of the Parks and Recreation Department, our City’s Greenspace Management Division (GMD) is no ordinary bunch. It is made up of five sections:


• Landscape Planning and Design 

Urban Forestry 

Greenspace Maintenance  

Contract Administration

Thanks to over 70 employees, we can marvel at healthy, beautiful, and clean landscapes, parks, gateways, and vibrant Lincoln Road.

“The five sections of the GMD provide distinct services that are also complementary and cooperative in order to achieve our Department’s mission,” said John Oldenburg, Parks and Recreation Assistant Director, who oversees the division’s staff, budget and its activities.

The Landscape Planning and Design section (LPD) of Greenspace conducts general plan review and permitting (and design) of Park, landscape and irrigation projects for the city. They play a role in making sure that city structures have enough “appropriate green” before they are built. The LPD team also gets our dog parks and community gardens up and running and maintains them, among many other responsibilities. In 2008, this division got the attention of other cities and heads of major companies, for creating the Healthy Tree Fertilization System to keep our trees healthy in their urban settings.

The Division’s Greenspace Maintenance section provide landscape maintenance and customer delivery at all non-contracted parks, municipal buildings, medians, chops, right-of-ways, street-ends, bridge approaches and Lincoln Road.

The Contract Administration Section are responsible for supervision of the contracted landscape maintenance program for the Julia Tuttle and MacArthur causeways, the Boardwalk and Beachwalk,  and many other contracted sites.  They also provide support to three the City’s community gardens.

The Urban Forestry Section provides regulatory oversight of the City’s tree ordinance and expert assessment of hazardous trees, mitigation actions, and citywide tree-care operations. In 2007, the Urban Forestry section developed the City’s reforestation plan, which replaced thousands of trees lost during the 2005/06 natural disasters and has planted 6500 trees of 100 different species citywide, along with the Office of Capital Improvement Projects.

In 2010/11, the Urban Forestry Section has been busy trying to preserve two groups of important and historic trees in our city, the Australian Pine trees that line Pinetree Drive, which have been suffering due to their old age and Meridian Avenue’s Calophyllum trees, which were damaged by last year’s winter weather.  Some of the Australian Pine Trees may require removal and the Calophyllum trees will be undergoing restoration pruning this year to remove damaged and dead limbs.

The Greenspace Management Division is funded by the City’s general fund; redevelopment sources and the inter-local agreement. Team members participate in:

Miami-Dade County Community Image Advisory Board
Street Tree Working Group
Tropical Arborist Guild
CMB Greenspace/Tree Advocacy Group
Tree City USA
CMB Beautification Committee  

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